Self-Service Kiosks Now Available for BIA and EOIR Payments

As of June 2021, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will allow attorneys and accredited representatives to use self-service kiosks in USCIS field offices to pay the fees for filing an appeal of a DHS officer decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) or for Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) immigration court motions. This kiosk service is only to pay the fees for BIA appeals of DHS decisions and filing EOIR forms. Attorneys and representatives cannot use these kiosks to pay non-DHS BIA fees.


The kiosk payment program eliminates the need for scheduled InfoMod appointments. Instead, attorneys and accredited representatives can make payments for BIA and EOIR fees without scheduling appointments through the USCIS Contact Center or waiting to get a receipt from a field office. Attorneys and accredited representatives who want to use the kiosk to make a self-service payment may email They will receive an email response that will authorize them to access the kiosk area specifically, but not other areas of the facility.


Attorneys and accredited representatives can follow the automated payment instructions at the kiosk stations to process each transaction securely through and print a receipt. Kiosks will only accept debit cards and credit cards with revolving credit lines (and not, for example, prepaid gift cards with bank logos). The kiosks do not accept bank account (ACH) payments.

Attorneys and accredited representatives should bring the following information with them:

• Applicant A-Number;
• Applicant address;
• Applicant email address; and
• Kiosk permission letter.

Accepting these payments at kiosks is part of our ongoing efforts to move more USCIS services online. Online services increase transaction security and result in fewer errors and delays than paper.

This service is only for attorneys and accredited representatives. Applicants may accompany attorneys or accredited representatives to make the payment. However, applicants may not process BIA or EOIR payments using the self-service kiosks without an attorney or accredited representative present.


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