New Resources for Filing at the USCIS Lockbox

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has created a new five-part video series on filing paper-based forms with the USCIS Lockbox. The videos provide detailed information about the basic steps for filing USCIS forms, highlighting key required form elements, common sources of error or omission, and includes tips for ensuring forms are completed and filed correctly. You can access the videos on our new Five Steps to File at the USCIS Lockbox page. Currently these videos are only available in English. We will publish Spanish versions soon.

Five Steps to File at the USCIS Lockbox:

Step 1. What to File

Step 2. When to File

Step 3. Completing the Form

Step 4. What and How to Pay

Step 5. Assemble and Mail to USCIS

Additional Information: We recommend applicants, petitioners, and requestors file online when possible. You can review the list of Forms Available to File Online, learn how to Create a USCIS Online Account, and learn more about the Benefits of Filing Online on our website.