Navigating Immigration: USCIS Enhances myProgress Tool for I-485 and I-821 Forms

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently made a significant update to their online services. USCIS’s myProgress tool, a key component of their digital services, has been enhanced to encompass two vital forms: Form I-485, which is used for applying to register permanent residence or adjust status, and Form I-821, for applying for Temporary Protected Status. This expansion marks a notable enhancement in the application process for many applicants. 

Key Updates: 

  • Personalized Progress Tracking: Applicants with a USCIS online account can now utilize the myProgress tool to receive custom estimates concerning key stages and procedures related to their Form I-485 and Form I-821 applications. This feature marks a significant step in personalizing the application experience. 
  • Insights Based on Data Trends: The tool provides these estimates by analyzing historical data and specific case types. This approach enhances transparency in the application process, allowing applicants to have a clearer understanding of their application journey based on past trends. 

Scope of the Initial Rollout: 

  • Initially, the tool will support family-based or Afghan special immigrant I-485 applications. 
  • Notably, employment-based I-485 applications are not included in this initial expansion. 

Estimate Accuracy: 

  • It’s important to note that the estimates provided by the myProgress tool are not guarantees but are based on historical data to give applicants a general idea of timing. 

Previous Expansions: 

  • The recent update is a continuation of the myProgress tool’s evolution, previously augmented to support Form I-765 and Form I-131. Our July 2023 discussion, “USCIS Update: myProgress Tool Welcomes Form I-765 and Form I-131,” delves into this earlier extension. 
  • The expansion of the myProgress tool aligns with USCIS’s strategic plan to enhance customer experience and reduce the need for inquiries about case statuses. 

Using the myProgress Tool: 

Account Requirement: 

  • Applicants must have a USCIS online account to access the myProgress tool. 
  • Once logged in, users can link their pending application to their account using an online access code. 

What the Tool Offers: 

The tool provides estimated wait times and tracks the progress of applications through various stages, such as: 

  • Confirmation of application receipt. 
  • Progress through preprocessing and adjudicative steps. 
  • Final case decision. 

Additional Requirements: 

Despite these advancements, USCIS still requires applicants or their legal representatives to visit the Check Case Processing Times web page for certain inquiries, particularly if they need to file an Outside of Normal Processing Times service request. 


The expansion of the myProgress tool to include Forms I-485 and I-821 is a welcome development for applicants seeking to navigate the often complex immigration process. By providing more transparency and personalized estimates, USCIS is taking significant steps towards improving the user experience and streamlining the application process. 

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