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Dear Readers:
The good news is that the USCIS may be recommencing operations at the District Offices. The bad news is that the USCIS may be doing so without funding. In addition, kindly note that information below was received from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It appears that there may be another U.S. Immigration Proclamation on the horizon.
The news about the new Proclamation is “preliminary” and the NPZ Law Group, Immigration and Nationality Lawyers, go great lengths to properly vet US and Canadian immigration information to ensure that we do not spread “rumors”. Until the actual Proclamation is released we will not know what if the below described predictions will be included.
However, because of the potentially “sweeping nature” of the new Proclamation we felt it necessary to provide you with the following information regarding, what is believed to be, included in the potential new Presidential Proclamation.
It appears that the WH, DOL, and DHS have settled on a temporary entry ban for H-1B, H-2B, L-1, and J-1. We hear that it is highly -likely that there will be exemptions for nonimmigrants in these classifications that are performing COVID related medical research, for healthcare professionals, and for food supply workers. Also, there will be exemptions for workers in the above-mentioned NIV categories if the employer has performed certain additional recruitment efforts to locate American workers to fill these jobs, but have been unable to do so. Lastly, there will be a broad national interest catch-all exception.
It is our additional understanding that there still remains some difference of opinion regarding how L-1A managers and executives should be treated, specifically on whether these individuals should be exempt from this Proclamation.
As to the duration of this Proclamation that will ban the entry of nonimmigrants in the above-referenced classifications, the time range is between 90 – 180 days, with those “in the know” handicapping it at 120 days.
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