Immigrating to Canada from the U.S.

Am I eligible to immigrate to Canada?

Our northern neighbor Canada offers a thriving economy, beautiful scenery, and universal health care coverage, among other perks. It is no surprise that many Americans will set out to immigrate to Canada each year. There are several paths to obtain permanent residency in Canada and you will need to meet eligibility requirements. Our experienced business and family based Canadian immigration lawyers at NPZ Law Group offer an overview on the process of immigrating to Canada from the U.S. below. For assistance making Canada your new home, contact our sought after an international immigration law firm.

Eligibility to Live in Canada

Americans are free to travel to Canada to visit the country without the need for any sort of authorization. However, if you intend to reside in Canada, you need to meet one of several grounds in order to be deemed eligible. You could be eligible if you have: a friend or relative nominate you; a job lined up in Canada; have sufferent experience, education and language; a skill that will be of use to Canadian businesses; or have a high net worth to invest in the country.

Once you have determined that you have a valid ground to seek permanent residency in Canada, you will need to decide which province you will live in. Each province has its own immigration rules and laws. If you are a skilled worker, you may be able to seek express entry into Canada, which will expedite your immigration process.

You can complete a questionnaire on the Canadian government’s website which will assess your eligibility for express entry. The questionnaire will look to your skills in a trade or field, your language ability, work experience, job offer, and education.  

In addition to evaluating your eligibility, you will want to review those factors that could result in an automatic rejection of your application. The Canadian government may reject your application for permanent resident status if you have perpetrated a crime or are in financial trouble. You could also be rejected if you pose a health risk to others or if a member of your family has been banned from the state. An immigration lawyer can review your current situation to better assist you in qualifying for permanent resident status in Canada.

At NPZ, our U.S and Canadian Immigration Law Specialists seek to assist clients with regard to employment and family immigration issues. If you or your friends or family should have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or you can call our offices at 201-670-0006 (X100) or 905-499-3853. We look forward to being able to assist you.