Designated Learning Institutions in Canada

A Designated Learning Institution (“DLI”) is a school approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students in post-secondary level of education in Canada. The DLIs include universities, colleges, CEGEPs, vocational schools and private career colleges and language schools. Each of these institutions have its own set of rules on how to apply, and decide level of English or French required for admission purposes.

It is important to note that Provincial governments do not necessarily regulate private schools or language programs at private schools. This makes it critical to ensure that the private schools or any educational institutions you apply should meet the provincial education requirements and are included in the list of designated learning institutions. If you receive a letter of acceptance from an institution that is not DLI, then your study permit application may be refused. So, contact the school where you wish to pursue your studies, they will give you the right application forms, cost of applying, tuition fees, health insurance, rent and cost of living, and language test requirements in addition to their status as DLI. If the school admits you as a student, they will provide you with the letter of acceptance, required to apply for study permit for Canada.

Prudent research on the educational institution will save your time and money. The choices you make, from the type of program to the region where you study, can make it easier for you to live and work permanently in Canada. At NPZ Law Group, our U.S. and Canadian lawyers seek to assist clients with regard to employment and family immigration issues. If you or your friends or family should have any questions about any aspect of U.S. and Canadian Immigration Law, please feel free to contact us at or you can call our office at 201-670-0006 (ext. 104). We look forward to being able to assist you.