Canada is set to introduce a new policy designed to offer numerous undocumented persons the opportunity to seek permanent residency. 

The initiative aligns with Canada’s ambitious goal of welcoming 500,000 immigrants annually by 2025. Immigration has driven economic expansion in the country.  

An estimated 300,000 to 600,000 undocumented individuals are residing in Canada. The proposed program will provide a pathway to permanent residency for those living without documents and those who overstayed visas. However, recent arrivals may not be eligible for permanent residency.  

In the face of significant housing pressures and rising inflation, the Canadian government has upheld its immigration objectives for the forthcoming two years. The plan includes welcoming 465,000 newcomers in 2023, followed by 485,000 in 2024, and reaching a goal of 500,000 in 2025. 

For more information and further details on this topic, you can read the full article on Reuters

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