Adjusting the Balance: Canada’s 2024 Strategy for International Student Distribution

In a significant move to manage the influx of international students, the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, has detailed the 2024 allocations for study permit applications across provinces and territories. Following a net zero first-year growth model, the strategy sets a national cap based on expiring study permits, aiming for equilibrium in student numbers with a target of 485,000 approved permits. Adjustments account for extensions and exempt groups, leading to a distributed cap of approximately 393,000 applications. The final allocations, designed to promote equitable growth and support regional immigration goals, anticipate a 28% reduction in approved study permits for capped groups, addressing both rapid population increase concerns and regional development needs. This approach underscores Canada’s commitment to a balanced, thoughtful management of its international student program.

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