2024 Immigration Update: Top 10 Key Points for Employers in Canada

Based on the detailed information provided, here is a summary of the top 10 things that employers should know from employer immigration lawyers in Canada for 2024:

Expanded Francophone Mobility Program: Effective June 15, 2023, the program has been widened for temporary foreign workers with French skills (CLB level 5) for most occupations, to work outside of Quebec.

Recognized Employer Pilot Program (REP): Starting September 12, 2023, this program allows eligible employers from all provinces to hire temporary foreign workers for high-demand fields, offering benefits like longer LMIA work permits and simplified applications.

Philippines-Canada Work Permit Streamlining Initiative: Commencing October 19, 2023, this new program is designed to expedite the work permit process for Canadian businesses recruiting skilled professionals from the Philippines.

Shorter LMIA Approval Letter Validity: From October 26, 2023, the validity period for LMIA approval letters has been shortened to 12 months.

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) Update: As of November 23, 2023, the work experience requirement for international students applying for a Quebec Selection Certificate under the PEQ has been removed.

Extension of Work Hour Limit Waiver for International Students: Extended to April 30, 2024, allowing international students to work off campus for more than 20 hours per week.

Unnamed LMIA Applications in Quebec: From December 11, 2023, employers can submit unnamed LMIA applications for positions in Quebec.

Annual Wage Review for Temporary Foreign Workers: Effective January 1, 2024, employers must annually review temporary foreign workers’ wages to reflect prevailing wage rates.

End of Temporary Public Policy for Post-Graduation Work Permit Holders: The policy allowing additional 18-month work permits will not continue beyond December 31, 2023.

Updates to the International Experience Canada (IEC) Program: New agreements with various countries, allowing youth to work temporarily in Canada.

Expected Changes for 2024:

  • Requirement for international students in Quebec applying under the PEQ to show French proficiency or French education.
  • New French language test requirement for TFWP participants in Quebec working for more than three years.
  • Launch of the MIFI’s new Skilled Worker Selection Program (PSTQ), replacing the current points-based system.

Suggestions for Employers: To avoid delays and ensure smooth business operations, employers should plan their international hiring strategy in advance, keeping up to date with the latest immigration law and policy changes.

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