T - Work Options for Students

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The immigration lawyers at NPZ Law Group, focus their entire practice on immigration law and are dedicated to helping clients maintain life and legal status as immigrants or nonimmigrants to the United States. We assist international college students’ to obtain gainful employment. We can help you understand and pursue your work options.

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International Student Work Options

We can help you understand your work options during your educational training and to transfer into the working world during school and following the completion of your degree. The following are some work options available to international students wishing to gain employment and maintain F-1 Visa student status:

  • Campus work: You may work on campus for twenty hours a week while enrolled in classes as an indication of gainful employment
  • Curricular Practical Training: Curricular Practical Training is similar to an internship. Under the direction and approval of the campus, you may include curricular practical training as gainful employment following degree completion
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT): An international student may seek employment in the specific area of his or her degree following obtaining the degree. OPT is an available work option for international students for up to one year.

Immigration Law and Work Options Guidance

At NPZ Law Group, we strive to help you with all immigration law concerns ranging from filing for an H-1B nonimmigrant professional specialty occupation visa following completion of your degree or by offering guidance about work options. For assistance from reliable and quality immigration law attorneys, contact us to discuss your situation.