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Unfounded claims of eeoc discrimination on the basis of citizenship or national origin can cost your company money, time, and productivity. Discrimination claims can surface in any nearly any firm, even those with excellent employee policies, practices, and staff training programs.

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EEOC Discrimination Claim Defense Lawyers

Discrimination on the basis of citizenship and national origin are separate, but related, causes of action. Discrimination on the basis of national origin includes discrimination in hiring, firing, promotions, and access to training and other opportunities based on the country in which one was born regardless of the person’s legal status as a citizen or permanent U.S. resident. Rejecting an applicant, firing or retaliating against an employee because they appear foreign is nationality discrimination.

Discrimination based on citizenship relates to treating non-U.S. citizens differently than U.S. citizens. An employer that establishes separate hiring policies for citizens and non-citizens, for example, may be charged with discrimination based on citizenship.

Presenting a Solid EEOC Claim Defense

The attorneys of NPZ Law Group work shoulder to shoulder with employment law attorneys to defend clients against allegations of citizenship and nationality discrimination.

Individuals must now prove that an employer intended to discriminate in order to bring a successful hiring discrimination claim.

Non-citizens may legally be treated differently from citizens in order to comply with federal or state laws and regulations and, in some instances, in order to meet the requirements of some government contracts.

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