The U.S. Embassy has the pleasure to announce that a treaty investor agreement (E2 Visa) has been signed between the United States and Israel and will become effective as of May 1, 2019. Pursuant to the treaty, Israeli citizens will be able to apply for an E2 visa at the U.S. Embassy Branch Office Tel Aviv.

Application procedure for first time applicants/renewals:

*NOTE: Do not schedule an appointment on the online system. If the company has not been registered as per the below instructions, your case will not be adjudicated.

All Israeli companies seeking E-visas for their owners or employees must apply at the Branch Office in Tel Aviv and establish that the trading enterprise or investment meets the requirements. The company and applicant have the burden of demonstrating fulfillment of requirements for Treaty Trader/Investor status under 9 FAM 402.9. For both first-time applicants and renewals, the company must submit supporting documents, including the individual application for the employee, by mail.

If USCIS authorized a Change of Status to E for a person in the United States, that status is only valid as long as you remain in the United States. To obtain an E-visa, the company and applicant must submit a complete package by mail as per first time applicants.

Below are video clips and photographs from the E-1/E-2 Investor Visa Seminar in Tel Aviv on May 6th 2019 at The Dan Hotel.