C - Foreign National In Transit

The C-nonimmigrant visa category is reserved for nonimmigrants who are in “immediate and continuous transit” through the United States.

The C visa allows qualifying foreign nationals to transit through the U.S. without formally entering the country. For example, a traveler changing planes at a U.S. airport while traveling between two foreign destinations would require a C visa. The visa provides lawful status for the transit only and does not authorize any activities in the U.S. beyond that immediate travel.

Immigration authorities may also parole foreign nationals into the U.S. when requiring them to get a C visa would preempt the transit purpose. Parole similarly allows transit without constituting formal admission into the country.

C-Nonimmigrant Visa Lawyer

Such immediate and continuous transit may be for:

(1) crewmen who are coming to the United States to join vessels or an aircraft (these individuals may be issued C and D visas concurrently depending upon the circumstances);

(2) persons covered under the United Nations Headquarters Agreement (individuals who are performing services for the United Nations or an ancillary agency of the United Nations).

C-Nonimmigrant Visa Grants

The C nonimmigrant visa category may be granted to a foreign national for “immediate and continuous transit” for a period of time that is not in excess of twenty-nine (29) days. The C nonimmigrant visa category is not likely to be one that is often encountered.

The regulations for this nonimmigrant visa category can be found at 8 CFR Sec. 214.2(c).

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