Wish to work in France?

If you are a skilled migrant, and have made the biggest decision of relocating to France, or is a HR professional, looking to transfer employees to France, then this article will provide you with a brief overview of the French Immigration Law. The French immigration law has changed and is poised to become as established as the US immigration laws and regulations, by imposing strict eligibility requirements. This article discusses the various Residence Permits for France briefly.

Overview of the different French Permits:

France issues different temporary residence permits for different categories of employment or professions in France.

The new “Skills and Talents” Permit

This permit is applicable to employees/migrants who seek to enter France to carry out employment activities for a specific project. The “Skills and Talents” permit, is valid for an initial period of three years and is renewable thereafter, allowing immigrants to be employed for/on a specific project. The Permit is also intended to allow migrants participate in the economic development of France and/or the migrant’s country of origin. Accompanying family members will receive a Private and Family Life permit, which will enable them live and work in France.

The “Salaried” and “Temporary Worker” Permit

  • The “Salaried” temporary residence permit
  • The “Temporary Worker” residence permit
  • A permit granted under a bilateral agreement

For a complete list of the professions under this category, please contact our office.

The new “Employee on Assignment” Permit

This permit is for employees who have been employed for at least three months by a company based abroad. The validity of an initial permit is three years and renewable thereafter. This permit is for transferees who are:

  • Seconded to one of the company’s establishments in France or to another company within the same group;
  • Temporarily hired by a company based in France which is part of the same group as the transferring organization.

In both cases, you need to provide evidence of a gross salary equal to 1.5 times the minimum wage. After a continuous secondment of 6 months in France, your family members will be entitled to a Private and Family Life permit allowing them to seek employment.

The “Employee on Assignment” card for senior managers or high-level executives

This permit is for employees of a French organization that is part of a Multi National Corporation. The eligibility is determined by the Managerial role and/or if the gross monthly salary is greater than or equal to 5,000 Euros. The will be issued with a residence permit valid for a period of three years. Your family can accompany you with a “visitor” residence permit. It also provides work authorization for spouse.

The “Seasonal Worker” Permit

You are employed under a seasonal employment contract with a period of more than three months. A temporary residence permit, valid for three years and renewable thereafter, allows you to carry out seasonal work for a maximum of 6 months over a period of 12 consecutive months. You can cumulate several contracts in succession, provided that you commit to spending no more than six months per year in France and to maintain your usual residence outside France. This permit does not allow your family to join you.

The “Scientific” Permit

Under this permit, migrants with a Master’s Degree or equivalent can come to France to carry out research or teaching activities. The migrant must prove his/her status as a researcher and the planned duration of your research work, and present a convention d’accueil (hosting agreement) from an accredited French research institution or teaching facility. The permit will be issued based on the prefecture on presentation of the required long-stay visa and your hosting agreement, endorsed by the French Consulate in your country of origin.

The new temporary residency card “Compétences et Talents”

Changing demographics in France has resulted in France formulating immigration policies to attract young and skilled migrants. France has the “Compétences et Talents” (skills and talents) residency card. This is for skilled migrants who want to expand their work horizon in France. This three year renewable card allows migrants to exercise activity of their choice in connection with your professional project. In addition, accompanying family (spouse and children) will also receive residency permits allowing them to legally work in France.

For all of the above categories, your employer in France is responsible for carrying out the formalities with the ANEM (Agence Nationale de l’Accueil des Étrangers et des Migrations (ANAEM).

The “Compétences et Talents” card is granted to migrants likely to make a significant or lasting contribution, through their skills or talents, to France’s development in the economic, intellectual, scientific, cultural, humanitarian or athletic fields.

Eligible migrants include:

  • University graduates;
  • Qualified professionals, regardless of their academic level;
  • Investors in an economic project;
  • Independent professionals such as artists, authors, athletes, etc.; and
  • Senior manager and high level executives.

This new provision inspired by the American H-1B visa provision, has been necessitated by changing demographics, and the French government’s desire to increase its skilled migrant population to enable France to compete in a global marketplace.

Medical Examination

All foreign nationals arriving in France as employees must present an endorsed Employment contract and obtain a Medical Certificate from the Agence Nationale de l’Accueil des Étrangers et des Migrations (ANAEM). This medical examination can be carried out in the migrant’s country, if the ANAEM has a delegation there or in France within three months of the foreign national’s arrival in France. Foreign employees with an endorsed employment contract can carry out their professional activity as soon as they arrive in France. However, their work permit may be withdrawn if they do not obtain a medical certificate within three months.

For holders of the Skills and Talents permit, the medical certificate can be obtained a posteriori within a period of six months.

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. If you are interested immigrating to France, please contact us at info@visaserve.com or (201) 670-0006.