Common Acronyms

Common Acronyms Used By The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs), Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS): 

Glossary And Acronyms

ACB — Administrative Center Burlington
ACD — Administrative Center Dallas
ACE — Accelerated Citizen Examination
ACL — Administrative Center Laguna Niguel
ACPA — Assistant Chief Patrol Agent
ACT — Administrative Center Twin Cities
ADD — Assistant District Director
ADDE — Assistant District Director, Examinations
ADDI — Assistant District Director, Investigations
ADDM — Assistant District Director, Management
ADIT — Alien Documentation, Identification and Telecommunication System
ADP– Automated Data Processing
AFACS — A-Files Accountability and Control System
A File — Basic Alien File (contains Alien #)
AILA — American Immigration Lawyers Association
AM — Administrative Manual
AMIO — Alien Migration Interdiction Operation
AMIS — Asset Management Information System
ANI — Automatic Number Identifier
AO — Administrative Officer
AO — Asylum Officer
AOC — Asylum Officer Corps
AOIC — Assistant Officer-in-Charge
APHIS — Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services
APIS — Advance Passenger Information System
APO — Administrative Center Property Officer
APP — Annual Performance Plan or Automated Permit Port
ARC — Alien Registration Card (Green Card)
ASC — Application Support Center (Naturalization)
ASIS — Anti-Smuggling Information System
ASU — Anti-Smuggling Unit
ASVI — Alien Status Verification Index
AUO — Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime
AVLOS — Automated Visa Lookout System


BACS — Bond Accounting System
BAS — Balanced Adjudications System
BCC — Border Crossing Card (Mexico)
BCI — Border Coordination Initiative
BCIC — Border Crossing Identification Card (I-586)
BHRHA — Bureau of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
BIA — Board of Immigration Appeals
BMIS — Bond Management Information System
BOP — Bureau of Prisons
BORTAC — Border Patrol Tactical Unit (HQ at Biggs Army Airfield, TX)
BP — Border Patrol
BPA — Border Patrol Academy/Border Patrol Agent
BPR — Border Process Re-Engineering Project
BPSH — Border Patrol Sector Headquarters
BRP — Backlog Reduction Plan (Naturalization)
BSC — Baltimore Service Center (telephones)


CADRE — Computer Assisted Detection and Reports Enhancement System
CAO — Center Adjudications Officer
CAP — Citizens Advisory Panel
CAP — Contracting and Procurement
CAP — Cuban Adjustment Program
CATI — Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
CATS — Consolidate Asset Tracking System
CAWG — Control Authorities Working Group
CBOs — Community-Based Organizations
CBIC — Canadian Border Intelligence Center
CBT — Computer-Based Training
CCATTS — Correspondence Control and Task Tracking System
CFOA — Chief Financial Officers Act
CFR — Code of Federal Regulations
CI — Criminal Investigator; Cooperating Individual; Confidential Informant
CIC — Crime Information Center
CIJ — Chief Immigration Judge
CIMT — Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude
CIPRIS — Coordinated Interagency Partnership Regulating International Students, now SEVP
CIPS — Combined Immigration and Public Health Inspection Procedure
CIR — Commission on Immigration Reform
CIRP — Computer Incident Response Program
CIS — Central Index System
CLAIMS — Computer Linked Application Information Management Systems
COLA — Cost of living allowance
COTR — Contracting Officer Technical Representative
COTS — jail management, hotel and airline reservation software
CPA — Chief Patrol Agent
CPS — Current Population Survey (Census)
CR — Contact Representative
CRO — Central Region Office (Dallas)
CSC — California Service Center (Laguna Niguel)
CSPM — Computer Security Program Manager
CSR — Customer Service Representative (IRM – Computer)
CSSO — Computer Systems Security Officer
CTRS — Critical Transaction Reporting System
CUSA — Citizenship U.S.A.
C&TS — Computer & Telecommunications System


D&D — Detention and Deportation
DACS — Deportable Alien Control System
DAO — District Adjudication Officer; or Deputy Adjudications Officer
DAS — Duty Assignment Sheet (Border Patrol)
DBM — Distributed Budget Module
DCL — Dedicated Commuter Lane
DCM — Deputy Chief of Mission
DCOS — Debt Collection System
DCPA — Deputy Chief Patrol Agent
DD — District Director
DDD — Deputy District Director
DDOS — Detention and Deportation Optimization System
DDP — Detention and Deportation Program
DED — Deferred Enforced Departure
DEO — Detention Enforcement Officer
DFS — Designated Fingerprint Service
DIAS — Directives and Instructions Access System
DMS — Detention Management System
DO — District Office; or Deportation Officer
DOE — Date of Entry
DOL — Department of Labor
DOS — Department of State


EAC — Executive Associate Commissioner
EAD — Employment Authorization Document
EFOIA — Electronic Freedom of Information Act initiative
ELR — Employee Labor Relations
ENFORCE — Enforcement Case Tracking System
EOD — Entrance On Duty
EOIR – Executive Office for Immigration Review
EPIC – El Paso Intelligence Center
ER — Expedited Removal
ERO — Eastern Region Office (Burlington, VT)
ETC — Eastern Telephone Center
EVD — Extended Voluntary Departure
EVP — Employment Verification Pilot
EVRP — Encrypted Voice Radio Program
EWI — Entry Without Inspection


FAAS — Foreign Affairs Administrative Support System
FACS — Financial Accounting and Control System
FARES — Fees and Applications Receipt and Entry System
FCC — Fingerprint Clearance Coordination Center
FCO — Files Control Office
FD-258 — Fingerprint Card
FDL — Forensic Document Laboratory
FEHBP — Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
FEPA — Federal Employee Pay Act
FEPCA — Federal Employee Pay Comparability Act, 1990
FEGLI — Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
FFMS — Federal Financial Management System (will replace FACS)
FIPS — FOIA/PA Information Processing System
FLIR — Forward-Looking Infrared
FLETC — Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
FLRA — Fair Labor Relation Authority
FLSA — Fair Labor Standard Act
FOIA/PA — Freedom of Information Act/ Privacy Act
FOS/HM — Field Operations Support & Hardware Maintenance
FRC — Federal Records Centers
FSIP — Federal Service Impasse Panel
FTE — Full-Time Equivalent
FTP — File Transfer Protocol
FTRs — File Transfer Requests


GEMS — General Counsel Management System
GMRA — Government Management and Reform Act
GPRA — Government Performance and Results Act
GREEN CARD — Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-151 or I-551)
GUI — Graphical User Interface


HMIO — Haitian Migration Interdiction Operation
HPO — HQ Property Officer
HQFFM — HQ Office of Files and Forms Management
HQIAO — HQ International Affairs
HQINS — HQ Office of Inspections
HQIRM — HQ Information Resource Management
HQISD — HQ Immigration Services Division
HQMGM — HQ Office of Management
HQOCR — HQ Office of Congressional Relations
HQOIA — HQ Internal Audit
HQONO — HQ Office of Naturalization Operations
HQOPA — HQ Office of Public Affairs
HQOPP — HQ Office of Policy & Planning
HQOPS — HQ Office of Field Operations
HQOCR — HQ Office of Congressional Relations
HQPRG — HQ Office of Programs
HQREC — HQ Office of Records
HQSEC — HQ Office of Security
HQCSP — HQ Career Sustainment Program
HRO — Human Resource Office
HTTP — Hypertext Transfer Protocol (server)
HW — Hardware


IA — Immigration Agent; or Investigative Assistant
IAO — Office of International Affairs
IATA — International Air Transport Association
IBIS — Interagency Border Inspection System
ICAD — Integrated Computer Aided Detection
ICAO — International Civil Aviation Organization
ICF — Immigration Card Facility (Arlington, TX)
ICMS — Investigations Case Management System
ICPS — Integrated Card Production System
IDENT — Automated Fingerprint Identification System
IDP — In District Processing
IDO — Immigration Detention Officer
IE — Immigration Examiner
IFM — Inspector’s Field Manual
IHP — Institutional Hearing Program
II — Immigration Inspector
IIE — Integrated Interior Enforcement
IIO — Immigration Information Officer
IIRIRA — Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act
IJ — Immigration Judge
INA — Immigration and Nationalty Act
INAB — Inspections National Advisory Board
INSERTS — INS Easy Research & Transmittal System
INSPASS — INS Passenger Accelerated Service System
INSpect — INS Program for Excellence and Comprehensive Tracking
INTEX — Inspections Travelers Examination
INV — Investigations
IO — Immigration Officer
IOA — Immigration Officer Academy
IOBTC — Immigration Officer Basic Training Course
IRC — Internet Relay Chat (server)
IRCA — Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
IRM — Information Resources Management
IRP — Institutional Removal Program
ISA — Information System Architecture
ISIS — Integrated Surveillance Information System
ISP — Internet Service Provider
IT — Information Technology
IV — Immigration Visa
IVR — Interactive Voice Response
IV&V — Independent Validation and Verification


JABS — Joint Automated Booking System
JEVP — Joint Employment Verification Pilot Program (SSA/INS)
JMD — Justice Management Division
JPATS — Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation Service
JTTF — Joint Terrorism Task Force
JVA — Joint Voluntary Agency


LAN — Local Area Network
LAPR — Lawfully Admitted for Permanent Residence
LAPS — Legalization Application Processing System
LAW — Legally Authorized (or Admitted) Worker
LDC — Leadership Development Center (Dallas, TX.)
LEA — Law Enforcement Agency
LEAA — Law Enforcement Availability Act of 1994
LEADS — Law Enforcement Analytical Data System
LEO — Law Enforcement Officer
LESC — Law Enforcement Support Center
LPR — Lawful Permanent Resident
LULAC — League of United Latin American Citizen

MFAS – Marriage Fraud Amendment System
MDC — Modified Departure Control
MIRP — Mexican Interior Repatriation Program
MOBIS — Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services
MRD — Machine Readable Document
MS&D Bond – Maintenance of Status and Departure bond
MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures (for hardware components)


NACARA — Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act
NACS — Naturalization Automated Casework System
NAILS — National Automated Immigration Lookout System
NARA — National Archives and Records Administration
NATZ — Naturalization
NBPC — National Border Patrol Council (One of two collective bargaining units)
NCIC – National Crime Information Center
NFC — National Finance Center
NFS — Network File System
NFTS – National File Tracking System
NGOs — Non-Governmental Organizations
NIF — Notice of Intent to Fine
NIIS — Non-Immigrant Information System
NINSC — National INS Council (One of two collective bargaining units)
NIV – Non Immigrant Visa
NNTP — Network News Transfer Protocol
NQP — Naturalization Quality Procedures
NRC — National Records Center
NRTP – National Records Training Program
NSC — Nebraska Service Center (Lincoln)
NSI — National Security Information
NTA — Notice to Appear
NVC — National Visa Center (Dept. of State)


OA — Office Automation
OARS — Outlying Area Reporting System
OASIS — Operational Activities Special Information Systems
OBTS – Offender Base Tracking System
OCDETF – Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force
OCR — Office of Congressional Relations (HQOCR or ROOCR)
OI — Operating Instructions
OIA — Office of Internal Audit
OIA/IRB — Office of Internal Audit/Internal Review Branch
OIC – Officer-in-Charge
OIL – Office of Immigration Litigation
OIRM — Office of Information Resources Management
ONO — Office of Naturalization Operations
OPSEC — Operations Security
OSC — Order to Show Cause
OTM – Other than Mexican


PA — (Border) Patrol Agent
PAIC — Patrol Agent in Charge
PAL — Passenger Acceleration Lane (in San Clemente – See SENTRI)
PAMS – Private Attorney Maintenance System
PAO — Public Affairs Officer
PAS — Performance Management System
PCO — Property Control Officer
PHS — Public Health Services
PICS — Password Issuance and Control System
PIMS — Performance Indicator Management System
PIO — Public Information Officer
PMFA — Permanent Full-time Authorized Position
PMPT — Permanent Part-time Position
POE — Port-of-Entry
POMS — Port-of-Entry Management System
POP — Post Office Protocol
POSTS — Personnel Office Systems Tracking System
PPE — Personal Protective Equipment
PRC — Permanent Resident Card
PQIC — Port Quality Improvement Committees


QASP – Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan


RAFACS — Receipt and Alien File Accountability and Control System
RAPID — Records and Processes Improvement Design
RAPS — Refugees, Asylum and Parole System
RAW — Replenishment Agricultural Worker
RD — Regional Director
ROOCR — Regional Office of Congressional Relations
RPFS — Responsible Party Filing System
RRU — Rapid Response Unit (Headquarters)
RTD – Refugee Travel Document
RTP – National Records Transition Project
RVI – Remote Video Inspection


SA — Special Agent
SAVE — Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement
SAW — Special Agricultural Workers
SBPA — Supervisory Border Patrol Agent

SC – Service Center
SCAAP — State Criminal Alien Assistance Program
SCD — Service Computation Date
SDEO — Supervisory Detention Enforcement Officer
SDO — Supervisory Detention Officer
SENTRI — Secure Electronic Network for Travelers’ Rapid Inspection
SEVIS – Student and Exchange Visitor Information System
SEVP – Student and Exchange Visitor Program
SHRO — Servicing Human Resources Office
SIE — Supervisory Immigration Examiner
SII — Supervisory Immigration Inspector
SIO — Supervisory Immigration Officer
SIO — Special Inquiry Officer (Immigration Judge)
SITD — Strategic Information and Technology Development
SLOB — Service Lookout Book
SME — Subject Matter Expert
SMTP — Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNMP — Simple Network Management Protocol
SOI — Supervisory Operations Inspector
SPC — Service Processing Center
SPPB — Systems Policy & Planning Branch
SSA — Supervisory Special Agent
SW — Southwest; Software


TAPS — Telephone Application Processing System
TECS — Treasury Enforcement Communications System
TFTP — Trivial File Transfer Protocol (server)
TIC — The Interdiction Committee
TIP — Technology Infrastructure Project
TPCR — Transition Period Custody Rules
TPFT– Temporary Full-Time Employee
TPPT — Temporary Part-Time Employee
TPS — Temporary Protected Status
TSC — Texas Service Center (Irving)
TRWOV — Transit Without Visa

UNHCR — United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
USC — U.S. Citizen
USCS — United States Customs Service


VARS — Vehicle Accounting and Reporting System
VCRP — Violent Crimes Reduction Programs
VD — Voluntary Departure
VOLAG — Voluntary Agency
VR — Voluntary Return
VSC — Vermont Service Center (St. Albans)
VTC — Video Teleconferencing
VWPP — Visa Waiver Pilot Program


WAN — Wide Area Network
WORM — Write-Once, Read Many
WRO — Western Region Office (Laguna Niguel, CA)
WTC — Western Telephone Center