With overflowing thanks…

Dear ____, I know this is traditionally one of your more rewarding times with a client. This is a bit off the mark for us and for me in particular. While we know that we are your clients, you have become so much more for us. ____believes she owes everything to your work and kindness … I cant say that she is wrong. You have treated us as friends as family, with patience, compassion, understanding and care. I have always told you that we trust and appreciated your advice and work what I have left unsaid is the incredibly high esteem in which we hold you. No amount of time or life changes will ever alter that. You both know our situation and while I hope and pray that your lives are always blessed with great achievements, please always remember that we will always be here humbly waiting if the day ever comes when you may need some caring and compassionate friends to lean on. With overflowing thanks and love,

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