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General Testimonials

Our Clients Say It Better Than We Do

Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Thank you all so so much for all of your help and guidance through this. Its been a long time coming and it’s been so comforting to know you are always on top of things. We are so excited for this time to come. - EK

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY CLIENT: Thanks to you guys we have just received an approval notice for my husband’s, __________, visa petition. We are both so thankful for all your hard work, hours of paperwork and expertise -A

From A Very Happy EB1A Client: I have no words to express my gratitude for success of MY I-140 Green Card petition. I am an Indian Music Director/Musician. NPZ Law group is the best Immigration Law firm of USA. I thank you so much from bottom of my heart. Ms. Ludka, Mr.Nachman (The Brilliant and Confident Attorneys) along with their staff who all did a great job and got it approved. God Bless you all… Lots of Good Wishes - BJ

FROM A HAPPY EB-1 EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Thank you for the good news! David: I would also like to thank you for advising me to take the EB-1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability route. It has taken a long time, but I am ecstatic that it worked out well - CA

FROM GOOGLE: Very professional law office and overall very good service. NPZ Law Group assisted me in the best way possible and helped me with my Visa application. Excellent! — T.C.

FROM A HAPPY EB-5 INVESTOR VISA GREEN CARD CLIENT: Hi NPZ, My I526 petition has been approved! Can't express in words. Extremely pleased. Thank you so much. - AA

FROM A HAPPY NEW COMPANY L-1A CLIENT: Team NPZ has been very co operative and amazing - MS at MK

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: I appreciate the work you are doing in my case, thank you for that. It makes me feel good to know that I have a great legal team. - MDL

FROM AVVO: Very professional law office and overall very good service. - T.C.

FROM AVVO: David and his team has been very helpful throughout the visa renewal process. They provide professional advice and high standard work on all required documents. We are happy that they always support us on all enquiries and being nice and friendly in responding our emails. -S

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: Keep it up sir! Thank you for all the great things you do. - M.D.

FROM A HAPPY L-1A INTRACOMPANY TRANSFEREE CLIENT OF NPZ: Hello Everyone, Oh wow! Amazing news for the weekend! Thanks to everyone! 😊 - RA

FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Great news guys!!!! I really appreciate your help and all you did for my family. -A

FROM A FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENTS WHO JUST GOT THE GREEN CARDS: We appreciate your support during all this time and also we attached the cards that arrived to our house Friday night. Thanks for all and God bless you. - X.F.

FROM A HAPPY HR MANAGER AT A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY: What a wonderful news!! Congratulations, ____ and thank you so much for all your wonderful work, NPZ! -A

FROM AVVO:Extremely meticulous with all the details, patient, kind, thorough, thoughtful and supportive throughout the process in helping obtain the EB 1B approval. Very grateful for their help. -MS

FROM AVVO: They were very helpful and clear about everything I needed to do with the process to get my visa.— M

FROM AVVO: They were very helpful and clear about everything I needed to do with the process to get my visa. -M

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: Thank you everything went well you guys are amazing - AA

FROM AVVO: David & his team has been on top of my case. Guided me every step of the way. -A

FROM AVVO: I worked with two different lawyers before I met David and Samantha. During our consultation, it became clear that Mr. David Nachman office was more knowledgeable then my previous lawyers and his fees were very reasonable. Mr. David Nachman was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. I am very happy that I used his services. I will recommend this office for all my family and friends. — Antonio A

FROM AVVO: I worked with two different lawyers before I met David and Samantha. During our consultation, it became clear that Mr. David Nachman office was more knowledgeable then my previous lawyers and his fees were very reasonable. Mr. David Nachman was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. I am very happy that I used his services. I will recommend this office for all my family and friends. -A


FROM AVVO: NPZ Law made the H1B filing process look so easy & effortless for both me & my company. I highly recommend them to anyone looking into getting immigration advice/services. 5 stars for the smooth service they provide.— E

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: David and his team have assisted us twice during the immigration process of applying for Permanent Resident status for my wife. First, they helped us in applying for her initial 2 year USCIS Permanent Resident approval. Then, in applying for her 10 year USCIS Permanent Resident approval. In both instances, David and his team provided essential information and really valuable counsel to us about the USCIS process. They also gave us some important practical assistance with our application paperwork. This assistance has been critical to assuring our approval within the USCIS process. David and his team are the "total package" when it comes to providing legal assistance to people going through the US immigration process. We have received the benefit of their long experience, in-depth knowledge and total personal commitment to their clients' immigration status approval and success. They were critical in assuring my wife's Permanent Resident approval. We have absolute confidence in the experience, knowledge and abilities of David and his team. We highly recommend them for immigration-related legal services." -VTY, JW

FROM AVVO: NPZ Law made the H1B filing process look so easy & effortless for both me & my company. I highly recommend them to anyone looking into getting immigration advice/services. 5 stars for the smooth service they provide. -E

FROM A HAPPY NATURALIZATION CLIENT: I want to thank you for all your help and advice during this journey, it has been a pleasure working with you first getting my residence and now citizenship. All the best, ___SA___

FROM AVVO: David and his team have assisted us twice during the immigration process of applying for Permanent Resident status for my wife. First, they helped us in applying for her initial 2 year USCIS Permanent Resident approval. Then, in applying for her 10 year USCIS Permanent Resident approval. In both instances, David and his team provided essential information and really valuable counsel to us about the USCIS process. They also gave us some important practical assistance with our application paperwork. This assistance has been critical to assuring our approval within the USCIS process. David and his team are the "total package" when it comes to providing legal assistance to people going through the US immigration process. We have received the benefit of their long experience, in-depth knowledge and total personal commitment to their clients' immigration status approval and success. We have absolute confidence in the experience, knowledge and abilities of David and his team. We highly recommend them for immigration-related legal services.— J

FROM A HAPPY DSO AT AN ACADEMIC INSTITUTION: I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the support you have given our current students and to our Alumni. Your advice and quick attention is much appreciated. ________ and ________ recently reached out to me and told me how helpful you have been in regards to some of the challenges they are facing. It really means so much to me. Take care and thanks again!-Best, ____JG_____

RECOMMENDATION FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT: Thank you! You did a great job! More power to your good office! - FR

FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT OF THE NPZ LAW GROUP: Dear ____, I know this is traditionally one of your more rewarding times with a client. This is a bit off the mark for us and for me in particular. While we know that we are your clients, you have become so much more for us. ____believes she owes everything to your work and kindness ... I cant say that she is wrong. You have treated us as friends as family, with patience, compassion, understanding and care. I have always told you that we trust and appreciated your advice and work what I have left unsaid is the incredibly high esteem in which we hold you. No amount of time or life changes will ever alter that. You both know our situation and while I hope and pray that your lives are always blessed with great achievements, please always remember that we will always be here humbly waiting if the day ever comes when you may need some caring and compassionate friends to lean on. With overflowing thanks and love, -MAJ

FROM LINKEDIN: Best company I had the pleasure to partner with! -JA

FROM A RECENT E-2 BENEFICIARY: Dear NPZ: Thank you, very Great news. I sincerely thank your team for the excellent services.Thanks again and I look forward to talk to you tomorrow for further clarifications. -VTY, MS

FROM AVVO: Absolutely wonderful to work with and of course very knowledgeable in the field. I know they give their 100% and I can rest assured they are handling my case the best way possible. -Sangha

FROM A HAPPY H-1B VISA RECIPIENT: Thank you so much. I really appreciate for your time and effort on this application. I am now so excited because of the approval. Thank you. - From GT

FROM A RECENT EMPLOYMENT-BASED GREEN CARD RECIPIENT: I left a 5 star review for NPZ. Thank you very much. I’ve recommended your law firm to a fellow _______ and my brother from ______ who are also applying for green card through EB-2 - FROM WL

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT: I want to share with you that we have now also received our physical cards. Thanks again for helping us with the application! I am sure this has been a life changing accomplishment for my family!

FROM A HAPPY HR MANAGER: NPZ team, Great work by NPZ team. We received the approval as well. Again, thanks a lot for all your hard work and professionalism. Working with professionals is a pleasure and very much appreciated.

FROM AVVO: We have appointed David as the attorney for our case, and he has presented it with brilliance, skill, professionalism, and respectable professional honesty. He has gone a long way towards the successful completion of our case, and we got the work permits and the social security numbers. -A

FROM AVVO: After applying for several visas during and after my F1, I was happy to have someone else handle the green card paperwork for me. David and Severina held our hand through every step and guided us through uncertain times when COVID delayed our interview. Our Officer at the interview complemented us on how perfect our application was.. all thanks to David and Severina! Thank you both so much for all of your help. -A

FROM AVVO: Mr. David Nachman and his team at NPZ did an excellent job on my case. They holistically managed my case from start and continued to guide me along the way until the finishing line. At various stages during the process, there were challenging situations which NPZ team helped seamlessly resolve to appropriately address the queries. They were very thorough and detailed in their guidance. I am very grateful to Mr. Nachman and his team for helping me and my family through this complex process which at times can be very intimidating. Thanks -A

FROM AVVO: After applying for several visas during and after my F1, I was happy to have someone else handle the green card paperwork for me. David and Severina held our hand through every step and guided us through uncertain times when COVID delayed our interview. Our Officer at the interview complemented us on how perfect our application was.. all thanks to David and Severina! Thank you both so much for all of your help. -A

FROM A RECENT AND HAPPY MARRIAGE-BASED GREEN CARD CLIENT- RECIPIENT: Dear _____: Thank you both so much for your help. We both agreed that despite my experience completing visa applications during/after school, if we did not have your expert insight during the COVID delays, it would have been a very stressful last few months waiting for the interview notice. Thank you for always being just a call away, even when I spontaneously drove after ______ received my EAD/travel permit. Thank you very much for that memo. I would not have known______________ ... ___________! Have a wonderful weekend. We will be in touch!

FROM AVVO: Dr. Nachman is very knowledgeable and responsive. I highly recommend him! I have been using his office services for years, from J1 to my Citizenship. He made all my visas processes to be very easy. His team is also great; I worked a lot with his paralegal Severina. -J

FROM A RECENT H-1B VISA APPROVED CANDIDATE: Just checked my case status on USCIS website and I can see visa has been approved. I want to THANK YOU To the Visaserve team for help and guidance for this. I really appreciate it !😊

FROM AVVO: They were helping me with each and every step of the process at the top of their priority to get my L1 and then eventually the green card. I will highly recommend them for sure. -H

NPZ Law really simplified the whole process for us and helped us understand each and every step. They were always there to help us in case of any questions or queries. David was nice enough to accompany us on our interview, which helped us to successfully complete this journey.

FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT WHO JUST RECEIVED A GREEN CARD: ... “Your support in this entire journey has been invaluable, I personally would like to thank you and the entire NPZ team for successfully guiding us through this process”.

FROM A HAPPY NEW GREEN CARD RECIPIENT CLIENT: A Big Thank You!!! to you and entire NPZ team for the relentless support and guidance throughout this process and making it really smooth for us to navigate.

FROM AVVO: Never having worked on Immigration requests,working with David H. Nachman was not as difficult as I thought it would be, particulary registering in the PERM Electronic System. Getting answers to questions on matters I was not sure of. The patience of your staff when they had to wait for our tax return. It has been a pleasure working David Nachman. -J

FROM AVVO: David Nachman is an excellent lawyer! very diligent, caring and respond very fast when you have questions. I love how honest he is. I strongly recommend his service. When I started working with Mr. Nachman, I had a medical visa, now I’m on my way to citizenship!! Thanks to his guidance and expertise. -L.R.


FROM A HAPPY E-2 INVESTOR VISA CLIENT: Thank you very much for the support in filing my E2 visa and I really appreciate all of you For the Super Duper service rendered including your Boss. Thanks again and you all have Great weekend.

FROM A HAPPY PERM LABOR CERTIFICATION COMPANY BENEFICIARY WHEN SHE RECEIVED HER PERM APPROVAL: Dear _________,Thank you so much 😀❤️ please let me know what is the next step 😀😀 thank you again for all of You ❤️❤️❤️ best team ever ❤️❤️❤️

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION LAW: Dear ________: Appreciate your assistance and support in this long journey 🙏 Thank You.

FROM AVVO: Due to a technical issue, my citizenship application waited at a USCIS field office for about 2 years. David involved in the process and it was resolved smoothly. I appreciated very much. -A

FROM AVVO: David is genuinely good person and a great lawyer. He helped us with my wife's immigration issue. He was able to answer all of our questions and provided us a clear guidance and a road plan. He constantly followed up with us to make sure that we were doing fine. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who need a good immigration lawyer. -Y

FROM AVVO: I consulted with David around 1 year ago and he impresses me with his kind attitude and professionalism. He is the one who would put himself in your shoes to help your case. At that time, he gives me lots of advice to make sure which plan is the one I need. For personal reasons, I didn't continue my case but still, I would love to recommend him to anyone who would like to hire a reliable lawyer. -A

FROM AVVO: David and his team has worked on my immigration case since 2013. There has been number of times David has helped me out in navigating through immigration process for my work vis a. He and his team are always available whenever we have questions and takes time to answer all your questions in an extremely professional manner. David is an excellent lawyer with immense knowledge on the immigration matters. I would always recommend him. -R.P.


I am glad that I got in contact with David. He has supported me throughout. His team and him are very polite, positive and supportive. David has solutions for everything. I highly recommend David to fellow students like me. -R


FROM AVVO: Easily approachable, always got good results whether it's H1B or green card process related, answered all my queries and doubts and filed in a timely manner. -A


FROM GOOGLE: We contacted NPZ for an urgent immigration matter, Mr. Nachman himself answered our call. It was a day before holiday and he was very busy, but he still managed to talk with us between meetings, and what he said greatly soothed us. Later we were put also in contact with Ms. Chasworth. She was very professional, responsive, and patient with us too. Based on our experience, we would definitely like to recommend them to our friends in need.


FROM AVVO: The team helped with very specific guidelines and to-do list to get two visas. Very responsive if any questions. -V


FROM AVVO: Mr Nachman provided great consultations with a quick and easy solution to all my inquiries. He was very enthusiastic to answer all follow up questions and provide further guidance. I will definitely be returning back to Mr.Nachman and his team because of their excellent services. Would definitely recommend to any individual with immigration inquiries! -D


FROM A HAPPY H-1B CORP CLIENT: Fantastic news! Congratulations _____. and thank you so much for your excellent work, NPZ!



FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT: I have provided a review on AVVO for your wonderful services! I will definitely be in touch later this year to set up a meeting regarding sponsorship via my current employment. Have a great week. Best, ______



FROM A LOYAL US IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT AND RECENT GREEN CARD RECIPIENT: As always very informative. You and your team are walking, talking human encyclopedia. Great job as always.



FROM AVVO: David Nachman, Esq. and his Team was able to provide a clear and satisfactory guidance when requested and was able to submit my case in short period of time and with success. My experience with my lawyer is very positive.



FROM AVVO: David Nachman was really great and able to provide a clear and satisfactory guidance when requested and was able to submit my case in short period of time and with success. My experience with my lawyer is very positive.



FROM GOOGLE: Very professional and thorough team at NPZ. Thank you Ludka, Maria, and Fritzie for the guidance and support throughout the entire process.



FROM GOOGLE: Attorney Nachman is the most knowledgable, professional, honest and kind lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. The consultation was worth every penny, and he showed genuine concern for the issue, gave us all we needed to move our issue forward and left the door open for follow up questions should we need it. A truly valuable consultation where all our questions were answered in legal depth and with the invaluable lessons only years of experience can provide. All with a kindness and a sense of service that's a rare find in the legal profession. Thank you Attorney Nachman!h



FROM AVVO: My lawyer was always precise with expected documentation from me, to the point and accurate in communicating the deadlines, quick in resolving my confusions and questions. My will highly recommend Mr. David H. Nachman to anyone reading this review.


FROM AVVO: We are working with Nachman Law Firm for more than 9 years for our employees Green Card and H1b work visas. Staff is very friendly and always prompt with the reply. As a small company we are pleased with the results. I would highly t recommend Nachman Law Firm.


FROM AVVO: My lawyer was always precise with expected documentation from me, to the point and accurate in communicating the deadlines, quick in resolving my confusions and questions. My will highly recommend Mr. David H. Nachman to anyone reading this review.


FROM A HAPPY L-1A CORPORATE CLIENT: Thanks a lot for all your hard work in supporting my L 1-A visa process.


FROM ANOTHER HAPPY H-1B ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONAL CLIENT: The H1B extension at the University has been approved. Please see below for the approval information. Thank you!


FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Thank you very much. I really appreciate your and David’s amazing help and support!


FROM A HAPPY CONSULAR PROCESSING CLIENT: You guys are great. Thank you for the clarifications. I am so glad you are organising all of this for us because I find it all so overwhelming!


FROM A HAPPY PERM CLIENT: Thank you all for your assistance and hard work. I know these last few months had to be very difficult for all of you under this administration along with the ever-changing rules and regulations! We certainly appreciate it!


FROM A HAPPY NPZ FAMILY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: So thanks for all your efforts and support -- it was a smooth process in the end, even with the pandemic pause factored in!


FROM A HAPPY 751 CLIENT: Amazing job, thank you both for all your hard work and support during this process.


FROM HR AT A FORTUNE 100 CORPORATE CLIENT: WOW!! That was superfast!! Congratulations, _____ and thank you so much for your excellent work, NPZ!!!


FROM HAPPY AVVO CLIENT: David is extremely kind and helpful. To each of my requests, his reply was always prompt and informative. He is a trustworthy attorney, highly capable of solving tough problems.


FROM A HAPPY I-751 COUPLE GRANTED AN INTERVIEW WAIVER: I cant agree more with you on the fact that with all the negativity around us, we had some positive news, even if its extremely personal. We all need to take care of ourselves and enjoy too.ThanKs for all the efforts you took, you weren't at all demanding, but kept us on our toes. As a result, I went after all the people from whom I needed documents. What an ordeal that was! Lol.


FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: I received great support by this organization to file for my GC. They have a great team. Thanks a lot.


FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE HR REGARDING AN L-1B VISA CLIENT: Thank you and your team for all your help & guidance in getting _____’s visa renewed. We appreciate your assistance.


FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE CLIENT: Thank you for the quick turnaround!!!


FROM A HAPPY PERM LABOR CERTIFICATION CORPORATE CLIENT: I sincerely thank you for your guidance and prompt action on my application. I feel it went through without hurdles and so quickly/easily only because of your help, for which I am grateful.


FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE: This is outstanding speed given the delays we've been speculating due to the Covid-19 circumstances, I am very pleasantly surprised to see the approval email in June!


FROM AVVO: I had recently sought counsel and support from David Nachman, Managing Attorney at NPZ Law group. I had an excellent collaborative experience throughout the process with a clear direction. David and his team operate with great professionalism, clarity and a strong sense of empathy. David was always very courteous in all our engagements and always available to address any queries or clarifications. I highly recommend David’s counsel and support. Thank you!


FROM A RECENT CLIENT OF NPZ LAW GROUP: Dear David: I have conveyed my strong sense of gratitude for your highly esteemed counsel and support. Thank you very much once again for your continued guidance and support!! Best Regards, ________


DEAR _________: 

FROM A HAPPY MARRIAGE BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Mr. Nachman is a serious Immigration Law Professional and he went above and beyond for us. He took care of everything and did it with expertise and professionalism. It is nice to find such a trustworthy professional in the field. His most personal service is unsurpassed.


Attorneys at NPZ group are great. Easy to work with, personable, and always available for you. I highly recommend them for immigration related matters.

Great experience from start to finish. They held my hand all the way through and got the job done.

We had a great experience working with Mr. Nachman and his team on not one but two occasions. Both times, the cases were handled with extreme professionalism, with a personal touch, making sure they are available whenever we had any queries or confusion about a particular matter. We were recommended by a family member and now we highly recommend his services to anyone who wishes to get immigration based lawyer services. Thank you once again.

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT:  David Nachman was professional, knowledgeable and responsive. He is a great resource for other professionals (business plan, tax, etc.) as well. Mr. Nachman made the difference and we got our intracompany work permits during the pandemic. Highly recommended.


Outstanding service, and customer service.

Really great team, very knowledgeable and helpful!


Thank you for the information and I really appreciate the professional approach and help of the company.


Rating 5 stars, excellent! - I am an attorney. I have known Dave Nachman for many years. I look to Dave whenever an immigration issue or matter arises. I have consulted with Dave and have relied on him to handle important matters. Dave is an experienced attorney well versed in the law and immigration practices. As important, Dave is professional and responsive and cares about his clients.


Dear NPZ Team: Five stars again!!! You all must be fortune tellers. Notwithstanding the delays and layoffs and hardships that other businesses in our industry have been facing over the past several weeks ... you guys have continued to pump-out the Immigration Documents at a breakneck speed. Our staff thanks you for all the hard work and continuing close attention. We are pleased to continue to partner with you to get our Immigration Work done! Sincerely, _______, HR Director, __________, LLC


Thanks so much for a very informative conversation. I am happy with the information and options you provided. I will send you the CV as soon as _______ has helped me edit it, probably over the weekend. Unless I suddenly get offered a job I think we go with the ETSA option. We have been very happy with your service. And will look forward to working with you in the future.


I’m really happy with you guys. You guys are amazing!


Hi David, Thank you so much for your help! You really gave us professional help!

Best, _________

Dear ____________:

I want to express my sincere gratitude for always being there for me & my family.

You always have helped us despite your busy schedules and professional engagements, beyond the requirements of professional courtesy. I will always remember this.

Thank you for the timely & helpful advice on this matter. I have sent out the unpaid leave request to my employer & hope to get some paid work soon.

Please let me know if I may be of any assistance to you/your office in these trying times.

Best regards,


... In closing, I know I came to both of you for legal advice, but it was your human touch and empathy while hearing me out that made it possible for me to stand strong and scour the business landscape on the strength of your realistic advice / observations regarding my choices; and for that, my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please stay safe in these uncertain times.



Dear _______: I wanted to thank your firm and make special mention of ______ for her continued support of our company in providing her expertise with getting our technicians into Canada. With all of the recent changes in customs clearance between the US / Canada, _________ has provided a tremendous service to us since we do not have the in-house resources to address these ever changing laws.

Vice President
_________, Inc.

Excellent service. Very responsive and helpful.

Nachman Esq. and his staffs are friendly, and they all work hard for me. Their services were more than the fees. They always encouraged me whenever I was in trouble. Thank you so much.

FROM A HAPPY P-3 ENTERTAINMENT CLIENT: I have no words to express my gratitude for your hard work and getting my P3 APPROVED. I really appreciate your hard work and guidance. As the following status mentions about an email of Approval Notice. Kindly forward it to me when you receive it. Once again thanking you, From Bollywood to NYC. Truly Yours.

FROM A RECENT AND HAPPY CORPORATE IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Hi everyone, I just wanted to send you all an email to confirm that my O1-B work visa was approved at the U.S. embassy!! Thank you so much for all the guidance and support provided from the NPZ Law Group Team, you all have been the best to work with!

FROM A HAPPY O-1B BUSINESS OWNER: Hi everyone, I just wanted to send you all an email to confirm that my O1-B work visa was approved at the U.S. embassy!!! Yayyyy! I’m so excited! Thank you so much for your tremendous work and for making this possible !! Sending you all a giant virtual hug! I’m gonna celebrate with some champagne now! So excited!

New Hope Comm Ministries Food: NPZLaw group team is awesome! They care so much for the community!

FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT IMMIGRATION CLIENT:We have received our Green Cards!! Thank you for your work towards our application process. 😊 You made it an easy and smooth process.

FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT OF NPZ: We are taking this opportunity to express our all gratitude and appreciation to thank you, and all your Law Group team so much for your great, outstanding and professional job support, over this long period of time, on my behalf, employment Green card petition. We just got it last night. Have a great week. Once again, thanks. Best regards, __________

FROM A HAPPY AND PATIENT FAMILY IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Dear ______: Hope you all are doing good.This is to inform you that we have received the EAD card yesterday. Please let us know what is next and if I need to send it to you. Congratulations and Thank You for all your support and hard work for our family.
Regards, ___________

FROM A HAPPY U.S. FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: David you are Super Kind and Gracious Lawyer of all times ! God bless you with all the very best in life ! Thanks for serving us and making our lives better. Eternally grateful 🙏😊🙏😍🙏

FOLLOWING AN INITIAL CONSULTATION ... FROM A HAPPY POTENTIAL NEW CLIENT: David, I would like to thank you for giving us sound advice! Thank you for being helpful and not rushing us through. We appreciate the white paper that you provided us as a guidance. If was very easy to talk to you and we thank you for your candidness, professionalism and warmth in answering all of our answer. We will be in touch. Thank you again! With much appreciation, P.S: We would also like to thank ____for her kindness, gentleness and patience.


FROM A HAPPY L-1A CLIENT:Thank you for your help and support ... you guys are the best.

I reached out to this Law group with an unusual scenario that I landed in and had an appointment with Mr. Nachman. Mr. Nachman himself made sure that someone from his team is taking care of my inquiries. Over our call, he was humble despite of his experience, been a good listener and he genuinely helped me. I asked for a reference and he was able to share one from his personal contacts. He is well informed and was able to navigate me through all the options that I can possibly pursue. Our call ran over for 56 mins, I thought they would say that a session is limited to 30 mins; but that wasn't the case. Mr. Nachman was on call until we discussed all my questions. I would sure recommend this gentleman.

FROM A HAPPY E-2 VISA CLIENT: Dear all, we went to the interview at the US embassy this morning - and got the Visa after what was literally a 2 minute interview including fingerprinting. We are super happy and excited and thankful for everything that you guys have done for us. Its was only four months since we started drafting the application, 3 months since we submitted it - guess we were delayed by having both Thanksgiving and Xmas in the processing period….

FROM A HAPPY E1-1 CLIENT: Hi. I just wanted to update you that me and my wife got our green card in EB1A category. Thxs for your help so far.

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENT: My Dad got his green card a few days ago. Just thought I would let you know. You were right ... patience is a virtue. I also want to let you know that if any of my friends are looking for immigration attorney, you will be the first person to come to my mind

FROM A HAPPY AND RECENT CORPORATE AND BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Please find enclosed a copy of my green card, that I received in the mail last Saturday, and all the relevant documents that came with it. To say that I am thrilled and extremely relieved is an understatement! Also looking forward to receive the additional memoranda. Thanks again for all your help and patience with me through the entire process.

FROM A HAPPY B VISA APPLICANT: I have been granted the B1 visa to enter the US. thank you to you and your team for guiding me through the process.

FROM A NEW POTENTIAL CLIENT AFTER AN INITIAL CONSULTATION WITH ONE OF THE NPZ IMMIGRATION LAWYERS: I really appreciate all the work you went to to make me feel accommodated and informed of all my options. Unfortunately as it looks now, I will be heading home for a while. I will hopefully be readdressing the visa situation in a couple years maximum. I apologize for not being able to work with you now but I hope to keep you in mind for when I inevitably return to the US. If any of my international friends are looking into Visa’s themselves I will be sure to recommend you as you have been truly wonderful.

FROM A HAPPY MARRIAGE CASE CLIENT: Hi, _____:I hope this email finds you well. Here’s the update of my green card. It is approved and I have received the card this week. Much excited! Attached is the approval notice. Thank you for all the help during the whole process.

FROM A HAPPY E TREATY TRADER CONSULAR PROCESSING VISA CLIENT: Hello everyone, The interview went well! They approved my visa and send it to me (They said it will take around 1 week). Thank you very much for your work =).

FROM A HAPPY 221G RESOLVED CLIENT:Dear All, At last I received my US Visa for 1 year from the Consulate. I sincerely thank Visaserve for all the efforts put in for getting the Visa. I would also like to thank you all for all the coordination and rigorous follow-ups with the US Consulate office. Thanks once again. Attached is the scanned copy of US Visa. Best regards, ________

The best immigration law firm that you can have in the USA — Hess Chung

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT:Really nice holiday gifts.Thank you very much to all of you again!!! Please find below copies of my (and my wife’s) Green Cards. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

FROM A HAPPY INVESTOR VISA CLIENT:YOmg!!! Yayyyy!!! This is fantastic news! David and Visaserve Team ... I know you already heard this , but I had to tell you myself ... thank you for your incredible work on this! What a wonderful early Christmas present and fabulous way to end 2019 and begin a new year! I’m very very grateful to you all! Thank you!


FROM A HAPPY E-2 INVESTOR VISA CLIENT:This is a Fantastic News! Your team's effort has brought us this joy! - Wonderful Ladies! May God bless you all.

I had a remarkable opportunity to work with lawyer Mrs. Snehal Batra.She is definitely a great lawyer that went beyond my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. Pleased to say she helped me win my case and I was highly satisfied with my experience. I am eternally grateful for her service and I hereby recommend Mrs. Batra without a doubt!

I have consulted with Attorney Mr. David Nachman, Esq for several yearsdealing with my very complex immigration issue which was finally resolved in Nov 2019. If it had not been for Mr. David Nachman I would have been lost and forgotten in a complex maze of US Immigration. He looked out for me and NEVER FORGOT ABOUT ME (A Destitute Veteran, US Army). Mr. Nachman is not only Professional, Ethical and Knowledgeable in Immigration Law but also an incredibly genuine human being who really cares about his clients. I was once told by another attorney working at NPZ Law Group years ago that Mr. David Nachman is the kind of Attorney who will find a path/solution if one exists for your unique situation, Even if it takes years (with ever changing immigration laws) as it did in my case. Today I can totally agree with that statement. I feel so grateful and fortunate that I contacted NPZ Law Group years ago and got in touch with an outstanding Immigration Attorney Mr. David Nachman seeking guidance for my immigration problems. Thank You Mr. David Nachman, Esq and his entire staff at NPZ Law Group.

Mr. David Nachman has a deep knowledge of the complexity behind the US Immigration System, is passionate about his work and very dedicated to his clients.

From a happy business immigration law client;We cannot thank you all enough for all of the amazing work that you do for us. We are lucky to have such fantastic, dedicated partners over all of these years.Please let me know the next time you are in ____. We’d love to take you on a tour of our facility and visit all of the staff that you have helped. There are a lot of people here you are responsible for☺.

5 out of 5 Great, friendly and experienced staff. I worked with David Nachman on a personal immigration case and they provided the correct advice along the way. Familiar with international immigration laws.

FROM A HAPPY NPZ LAW GROUP CLIENT: Omg! How I wait for that! I’m really happy and glad that you could help me in this weird situation. I don’t have word to say thank you!!!! Thank you one more time. God bless you and your team!!!!

FROM A HAPPY US IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT OF THE NPZ LAW GROUP: Dear NPZ - have been partying non-stop since so I forgot to write you - received the Green Card in the mail valid until 2029. Thank you for your help!! Talk to you in 2028 at the latest :D

FROM A RECENT 221G CLIENT: These are truly the best immigration lawyers , they don’t promise you anything but beleave me they work hard day and night to get what you need done ,I would tell anyone in need of this kind of help they are the way to go .

RECOMMENDATION FROM A HAPPY U.S. EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT:Please find the attached copy of my green card. Thank you so much once again for all your help and time. Words can hardly express how I feel in thanking the entire Nachman family.

FROM A HAPPY US IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT:Thank you so much for taking the time and talking to ______. We as a family would like to pay our thanks and regards to you and your whole staff. This is a tremendous help that we are receiving from you. Words are too less to express our gratitude.

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT:Thank you for your warm words. Also, thank you all who made this long journey as smooth as possible. This has been a real pleasure working with you and I will definitely let people know how great your service has been throughout the process.

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE IMMIGRATION CLIENT FROM OUR FIRM: Great job to the entire David Nachman Team! You guys are the BEST!!!

FROM A HAPPY ONGOING CLIENT: Hi David. We have no words to thank you and your firm for helping out in this difficult time. once again thank you so much

Ludka worked with me on my immigration process, she is fantastic!—Nicolas Emmanouilidis

I had the wonderful pleasure of dealing with David Nachman. Not only is he a great attorney who gives great advice but he's also a wonderful person. My wife and I met with David twice. He was patient, kind, listened and first and foremost calmed us down and really reassured us that we have nothing to worry about. Some attorneys would probably "take advantage" of a similar situation but David did not - he felt like we could go through this process on our own. We went through all the paperwork a couple of times and today we are proud Americans. Highly recommended, highly experienced, honest and super nice. He's also extremely available via email if you have any questions - he will ALWAYS respond!—Aviad Stark

David is straightforward, trustworthy, sincere & very pleasing to work. I have & would always continue to leverage his expertise on US immigration matters.— Mahesh Chandwani

Excellent service, I had a messy application and lots of issues but they were able to go through the whole process and fix all my problems. Smooth visa application thanks to the help of these wonderful experts, helping me successfully receive a visa. Would definitely recommend to anybody who would like professional expertise and support throughout this grueling visa application. — Jason Lan

From a happy Reentry Permit - Green Card Client: Thanks as always for your and David's support all these years. We will be in touch when the time comes to renew should that need arise if we are still overseas, and we will seek your firm's legal advice then. With the US being our home and my birthplace, I will consider naturalization when the right time comes, but I will discuss this in detail with you all if so.

From a happy Family-based Immigration Law Client: This has been made possible due to your efforts and help. My family and my most sincere gratitude to the entire Nachman and NPZ Law Group team to have brought us this far.

I highly recommend David and his team. David Nachman is an excellent immigration attorney who has guided me through my whole process of Green card and naturalization. David's team is "exceptional". Highly experienced, fast-acting and responsive staff have helped me to get the positive results promptly. It was a great experience working with the NPZ Law Group, P.C. Thank you so much for the help. - Patel A.

I wanted to say a big thank you for helping us with our Citizenship. We took the oath yesterday and can now proudly say we are finally Americans. Immediately after the oath we attended the passport office and will collect them up Friday am. Again we can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance through the whole process. Hopefully we can meet up one day soon to say a proper thanks. Best. -From A Happy Citizenship Client

5 stars! -Jianhui Zhu

David and his team will fight with you every step of the way. I hired him right after meeting him once. Truly happy with NPZ. -Aakash Shah

These guys are great! Met them at a networking event and they saved me a ton of time. We were trying to get a new hire a work visa and we were lost in the process. We were getting nowhere, bogged down with red tape with no end in sight. They got us on the fast track, filled out all the forms and our new hire now has a two-year TN visa. All done in a matter of weeks. They were very professional through the entire process. Highly recommend. -Bruce Heyman

Ludka and Severina have been helping me since 2014 and I could not have hoped for a better and more efficient team. Very knowledgeable and great at what they do. They made what I thought was going to be a stressful and gruelling journey, an easy one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! -David Javier

These guys simplified my entire immigration process. They always replied to my questions promptly and politely... They made me feel important. My Green Card has arrived! Thank you so much for your excellent service! -Galit Korngold

David and Severina have helped me so much throughout the whole process. They were there to hold my hand through it all and guide me through the paperwork and what to expect. Not only did they do this but they spoke to me like I was their friend. They asked me how my Christmas was and how my Easter was etc they made me feel so easy especially being in a foreign country and feeling so overwhelmed with paperwork what to expect they made me feel like I had family I could lean on here. Severina was very patient with me especially when I was asking how long is normal to wait for certain documents to be approved and always spoke to me with kindness and patience. David was lovely and caring with me and my husband explaining everything and I could reach out to him on his personal cell whatever the time of day or day it was. He always made time for me and and I am so glad I went with NPZ Law Group. I will definitely recommend them to anyone. They make the time and help people out which is rare now a days in a world that is so fast paced. God Bless you all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you. -Jen Bonilla

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY GREEN CARD CLIENT: I cannot thank you enough. You made me and my family very happy. Thank you thank you

RECOMMENDATION FROM A HAPPY H-1B VISASERVE CLIENT: I would like to thank you so much for all the hardwork in helping me to get to obtain the H1b approval. I know it could not have happened without you. This approval was made so much easier with all your time, patience and positive attitude.

A LETTER OF GRATITUDE: Hello David Sir, Greetings for the day. I , along with my family, heartily thank you for assisting us in procuring Green cards. I am also thankful to your office staff especially Severina castor to make the whole process trouble free and rendering timely help. Words can’ not express my utter gratitude towards your help in this ordeal. Thank you so much. 

RECOMMENDATION FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: David and Severina have been absolute godsends for me and Jose. I didn’t know who to turn to for my immigration journey but they helped me all the way through and had patience and explained to me when I didn’t know what forms to fill out - they both go the extra mile to help me in all aspects of life I would highly highly recommend them: they are such good people.

I feel like I can call them good friends also as well as my lawyers. They have always helped answer any of my questions and worries I can’t thank thank them enough.

Thank you David and Severina ! You are both amazing!

RECOMMENDATION FROM A HAPPY E-2 CLIENT (TRANSCRIBED FROM VOICEMAIL): Hi Mr. Nachman, I just got home from a harrowing visa application process interview a thanks 100% to you and your staff - a soon as I catch my breath - I will be writing you and your staff a glowing the letter of thanks and recommendation and I don't think you could get a better reference than me so if anybody that ever asks that they would like to speak to a client please feel free to give them my number. I can't tell you were in 30 years of business myself to the level of service that you and and your staff gave me was outstanding I have no business and to know you know feel have I ever experienced somebody as professional and kind and courteous and helpful as all of you and I intend to put this in writing and send it to you for you use whatever you like. Again,’thank you very much.

THE FIRM WAS EXTREMELY HELPFUL for my wife's adjustment of status application. Neejal and Ludka were very friendly, and made sure to cover every base during our application process. We were approved without any difficulties, and we are very thankful for their help during the process. We would definitely use them again for any immigration related matter in the future.-James Whitlock

THEY ARE [THE] BEST.-Abdul Mohammed

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM AND HIS TEAM David Nachman is an excellent immigration attorney, who has helped me and my family in the process of applying for and obtaining green cards and citizenship. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking for immigration services. -Petar Arizanov

WE HAD A GREAT EXPERIENCE with Snehal Batra. She explained everything to us and made sure we were prepared for our appointment. The process was very easy, I highly recommend her for immigration services. I was able to exchange in French with her paralegal and ask all of the questions I needed and get answers in no time! -Anais Possamai

NPZ LAW GROUP HAS HANDLE MY CASE PERFECTLY: I was disappointment moment, when US embassy closed my immigration file without any reason, but i feels very great with the support of NPZ Law Group has handle my case with very perfectly and convert the result into positive and again my case reopen. -Ashish Modi

ALL CREDIT GOES TO NPZ LAW GROUP: I was thinking to do my L1 visas , I was having good business in United States from Hongkong with good customers , as I was developing my business in USA so I thought to develop more business & shift in USA , as I had no relatives in USA since my 7 generations I was very much confused how to start and how to go , I needed perfect guidance . My friend from India suggested my NPZ law group and I met Mr. David Nachman and snehal batra in 1st meeting they guided me so perfectly and that moment I decided to go with them for L1 visas ,everything went smooth & I got success in getting L1 visas , the best part of NPZ law group is they have perfect knowledge for filing petitions, they don’t file on luck but they deal with confidence on paperwork . Thx Snehal batra, Urvi Parikh , Rajesh & David Nachman wonderful efforts from you guys . Today whatever I’m in USA all credit goes to NPZ law group.

I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIRING HIM FOR YOUR IMMIGRATION NEEDS: David helped me when I was running out of my current status and I needed to find another way to stay in the US. I did not think I had any options left when I contacted him, but after my initial consultation, he was able to recommend several visas to stay in the US. Him and his team made the entire experience smooth and they were there to support me through the entire experience. I would highly recommend hiring him for your immigration needs.

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: They are so helpful! I will highly recommend this law company! Kudos to Atty. Nachman and Severina Castor. They have an awesome intelligent attorney.

HIRING SNEHAL BATRA WAS THE BEST DECISION WE MADE: We hired Snehal Batra and her team to help me with my mother's Naturalization Case in 2018. The case was a bit complicated and needed professional guidance. Snehal and her team were extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and responsive every step of the way. They also answered all our questions and concerns. Hiring Snehal Batra was the best decision we made. The whole process was smooth and timely. We highly recommend Snehal Batra to anyone who needs immigration-related representation. Overall, we had a very pleasant experience!

AMAZING SERVICE: Thank you so much for the amazing service and kindness to partner with me in this. I keep our agreement indicating your services to absolutely everyone who asks for an immigration lawyer. 

FROM A HAPPY US IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: We had a great experience working with NPZ Law Group. I found them to be knowledgeable, prompt and extremely helpful on updates about our case. Strongly recommend!

BEST IN THE USA: Attorney David is what a real lawyer should be. He is honest, professional and smart.

EXCELLENT SERVICE: I have been working with David for my L1 visa, he is really dedicated to his job, and he has a wonderful team. After I worked with him, many of my friends worked with him again, and always heard positive feedback.

EXCELLENT LAWYER! EXCELLENT TEAM!: I have been working with David for nearly 2 years now. I am so happy with his services. His team is Excellent! They can never give you wrong information or provide incomplete information. They will make sure that you are on the right path! Extremely trust worthy folks! I highly recommend them.

EXCELLENT SERVICE, I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO RECOMMEND TO ANYONE: Mr. Nachman and his team provided me with excellent legal service on my green card application. I am greatly impressed by their high work efficiency. They were always on top of things, responded to my questions in a timely fashion and helped me step by step through the application process. I won't be hesitate to recommend him to anyone who has immigration needs

I FOUND HIM EXCELLENT ON ALL HIS PROFESSIONAL FRONTS: I have been a client of David Nachman, at Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak Law Group, (NPZ Law Group) NJ, USA. I found him a very hardworking, smart, customer friendly, reliable, responsive, polite and result oriented Managing Attorney. If someone asks me, I would simply say he is one of the best immigration Attorney, defining the law correctly and effectively.

CONKRIGHT FAMILY CONSULTATION FOR OBTAINING IR-1'S FOR FAMILY IMMIGRATING TO USA: Mr. Nachman provided excellent legal advise and answered all my questions, and then some during my consultations. I could have not asked for a more amiable professional to help me along when I needed it in the long road from I-130 application to IR-1.

JUST GOT APPROVAL FOR E-1 PETITION: David and NPZ Team have helped and provided me and my company and family great service and assist with submitting applications for L-1 visa and later on with E-1 petition.

IMMIGRATION LAWYER: Mr. Nachman, and his firm were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I was in a tough spot immigration wise for a long time and had gone through lawyer after lawyer all promising big things with no returns.

THANK YOU!: My brother and I met with Mr. Nachman to consult on a petition we intended to file on behalf of our mother. We could not have been happier: Mr. Nachman is very personable and made us feel welcome. He answered all of our questions knowledgeably and carefully.

IF YOU WANT RESULTS, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVID NACHMAN: Mr. Nachman and his staff return calls promptly, answer questions in detail with great knowledge of the subject matter and they don't nickel and dime you on billing. No matter what question we throw at them, they answer promptly or get back to us in a timely manner. Professional and cooperate without any attitude

FROM A HAPPY US IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Excellent article ! Excellent firm! MR NACHMAN and his team made the impossible me on that! If you are seeking a friendly and a competent Lawyer for your case.. this is it!

FROM A HAPPY US IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Thank you very much for your guidance. I will definitely reach out if there are further inquiries. You have been tremendously helpful and I will recommend you to anyone who may seek immigration related counsel. 

______________. Sent from my iPhone

FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: _________ - Thank you, we appreciate you and your team’s excellent work on this important case. 


Best regards, __________


Thank you so very much to you and your team, your hard work and dedication to _______ has not gone unnoticed!

Thank you again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

We will be in touch after the holidays to discuss _______’s green card process.
Sincerely, ________| Director | Human Resources


Dear all at Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak law Group, P.C.- INL.

I __________and my family want thank you very much for all the help, counseling and representacion that we have got from all of you. I had my interview at the USS embassy in Guatemala on the 18th of October and everything went well, I came in to the United States the 30th of October and also went well, I had my passport sealed with a visa for one year while I receive my permanent residence. Once again thank you for all your help. Im now eager to start a new and better life here in the USS with my family my church family and my community.

God bless you all


FROM A HAPPY US IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Thank you again for your kind support all these years! We look forward to working with you again in the future. Given the political climate, we can only imagine how the landscape will be with regards to immigration.... 

I will be in touch with ____________.

And if we have friends or family who need legal counsel on immigration matters, we will certainly refer them to your firm!



Dear Mr. Nachman

We kindly thank you and greatly appreciate your professional assistance throughout ______'s green card application process. We would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to any of our friends.

________ & ________



Hello Mr. Nachman,

I became a US citizen on August __, 2017.

Thank you so much for everything!

Whoever asks me for any attorney referral, I will send them to you.


FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: We are so happy !!! Thanks so much!!! We really apprecitie your excellent work! GOD BLESS YOU...



 FROM A HAPPY PERM APPROVED GREEN CARD CLIENT: Good morning _______, _______ and I have received our permanent resident cards in the mail Saturday!!! I cannot find the words to thank you and your team. This has been a dream for a long time. From what I understand I have to carry it with me at all times? What do I do with the parole card at this point? Thank you. Thank you.



FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT- BASED RESEARCHER CLIENT: Dear all, This is such great news! I wanted to thank each of you for all your hard work, support, guidance and most of all understanding, through this long process! I wish you all the best!!!




Subject: Re: Green Card approval.
Thank you all very much for your work and guidance along the way. It's relief that this over.
I will be sure to recommend you for any immigration issues.
How long does it take to get the actual cards? Thank you once again. Regards _________

 FROM A PLEASED FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Hello ______: Thank you! My family appreciates everything ______and the team did for us. We will definitely recommend other to the firm. We are already processing new paper work with the firm. 


Thank you, ________________  



Be sure to tell all small business and startup clients to register their business with Dunn and Bradstreet as this is what VIBE uses to determine viability and existence of businesses.  



Dear David,

Many thanks for the prompt reply and your guidance.
It is greatly appreciated. Have a great day.

Best Regards,

 HAPPY BUSINESS AND FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: "Thank you to each and everyone of you!! You're support has been awesome!!! 




Subject: Re: I-140 Approval notice

Dear David and the team ,

I'm really grateful about your efforts , I received my green card .,

Thanks a lot



How are you all?
I started working at _______________ and cannot thank you enough for your patients and efforts.

I appreciate it from bottom of my heart.

thanks ______________  



Oh my Gosh ,

Cannt believe it .I was with the patient ,just opened the email.


Many thanks indeed Professor David H. Nachman ,it was December last year u gave me the confidence for EB-1B. Professor David H. Nachman, whatever I heard about u from Miroslava ,I found more than it .YOU ARE TRULY EXCEPTIONAL .And I am deeply obliged for referring my case to LUDKA ,the best managing attorney of ur firm.

Ludka ,hats off for ur strategy ,systematic planning ,u literally made me work on my credentials ,u made a very strong case .I appreciate ur timely filing ( usually ______ files his federal tax returns very late ) ,time u bought in the preparation u catched it in premium processing. I personally appreciate ur final editing of support letter .You made it a high impact letter . Ludka ,I heard about ur intelligence , I found it in my case. U got my daughter approved without RFE. You made me wordless MAM.

My sweet Snehal, I appreciate ur skills in legal drafting. Perfect planning, u got all inputs from me and got every piece information from websites and u literally placed every piece carefully. Hats off for u. U were there for my case in holidays and weekends also. I appreciate the passion and devotion u have for ur work.

Miroslava,I personally thank you for the referal .You got me my breaths after 10 years of struggle which started in 2007 .I personally thank u for all the support u offered me through out the process.








This is excellent news!!! We are so thrilled (and relieved). Thank you so very much for everything. Your office has been extremely professional throughout this whole process.
I will happily scan and e-mail her 10 year card as soon as it arrive. In the meantime, I will start looking into her Naturalization/Citizenship application process since you indicate that she is now qualified to apply.

Have a healthy and happy new year!!! 


FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: Dear Mr. Nachman,

My name is _________. I would like to express my gratitude to you and _______ for helping my wife -______ and myself to get our green cards through _______ in ______, NJ. Today, I am a ______ Chaplain and by wife is training to be a Registered Nurse. Once Again, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your household. Pass my greetings to _____________

Best Regards __________ 

FROM A PLEASED NATURALIZATION CLIENT: Good morning ___ and ___: Just wanted to let you know that everything went well yesterday and both My wife and I are now proud US citizens. 


Thank you for everything. We are very grateful for all your work over the years. VTY, ___________


FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Good Morning, I’m really thank full to NPZ team for processing and handling all my applications successfully for last one year and more.


From a happy business immigration law client: Good Morning, I’m really thank full to NPZ team for processing and handling all my applications successfully for last one year and more. 


RECOMMENDATION OF A HAPPY CLIENT: David you are very welcome
You are truly a great lawyer with all qualities of a top professional and I have always seen a lifelong friend in you 😍
What I love about your firm is that you and team truly care for clients and you charge fees but not run after money and being cold with clients
I have been with so many lawyers but no one comes closes to you in Communication skills , client management and relationship building .
You have a great quality of relationship building .
I am always there anytime if at all you need a die hard fan to speak for you 👍
Have a wonderful day .
You all at NPZ are awesome and I know what it takes to build such a wonderful team, I also the pain and aches behind the smiles we always keep up in public. But you are brace and kind hearted soul.
Thanks and regards, ___________ 


FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT: I would like to thank you for your great job and your support along the way. I got the visa and I'm back in NYC. We still need to renew the visa to my little child. We will do it next month in Israel. All the best and have a nice weekend.  





Dear Mr. Nachman and Ms. Zimovcak

A BIG THANK YOU, and a little something from Switzerland for making the O-1 happen. These are my favorite hand made chocolates from Geneva. I hope you enjoy them!

Take Care,




Dear ____________,

This is to let all of you know that I finally had my interview at the US embassy in ....... yesterday and got the Visa approved – YEAH!

I am really grateful and THANK ALL OF YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY for the enormous amount of work, expertise, time and attention and other resources, that went into this application.

In depth dedication and expertise of NPZ staff make the application get approved without any query and less obstacle.

Thanks to everyone,


Dear ________:

Thank you for everything.
You all are a such intelligence team with very professional and respectful to other...God bless you.. I would definitely refer my friends and family to your team for any immigration issue...


NPZ Law Group, P.C. Team AMAZING! You guys rock! I am so impressed by your creative thinking, I wouldn't have even thought of the O-1 visa as an option for my application.

Thank you very much all your hard work and dedication.


Hello ________,

I wanted to share with you the good news that my EB2 -NIW application was approved on ____________. I wanted to thank the entire team of NPZ Law Group, P.C for their dedicated support . Very much appreciate your help in getting this done.

Thank you.



FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Awesome Service from the NPZ Law Group, P.C. Team. Staff is highly experienced and they answers very quickly and make the legal queries to process smoothly. I highly recommend the firm.


FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Mr. Nachman and NPZ Law Group, P.C. Team is highly experienced and they know this domain very well. My recommendation to all prospective clients would be leave it to the team and they will finds way to make your case successful in effective and correct manner.


FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT: We got it! our green cards have come in the mail. _____ and _____ are very excited about it, and i especially wanted to share the good news with you because of all your help and guidance over the past couple of years. Thanks again for everything _________. we fully expect to be sharing drinks with you before the month is up so we can celebrate. we won't accept a "no" without a doctor's note. :-)


My sincere thanks to all for excellence legal representation to get approved.You all made very critical difference in my future. NPZ Team has provided terrific attorney service.Special thanks to _____ for supporting me in timely manner with patience that made whole process easy and smooth.I would surely refer to NPZ group for legal help to any of my friends or family member in future.

Thanks a lot! Regards, ___________


__________ and ____________,

Thank you very much for the second time you are doing a great and professional job.



Just wanted to let you know that everything went well with ______________.
He is in Canada.

Thank you for everything. Your office does a great job!!!


Dear _________:

Thank you so much for referring my friends and me to ___________ to discuss my friend’s immigration issues. _______ was most humane, insightful and supportive of my friend, who, thanks to ___________, now has at least a “path” to legalization. His conduct toward my friend and me was a model of professional and courteous conduct. I will refer all immigration matters that come my way (and quite a few do) to ___________.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warmest regards,


FROM A HAPPY NPZ LAW GROUP CLIENT: _________, ________ and ________ were really amazing and professional in the way they handled me and my wife's L1A / L2 and GC applications. All the applications were approved without an RFE on a timely manner. They were honest and courteous about their feedback, which was really helpful. 

FROM A HAPPY AND RECENT EB-1, EXTRAORDINARY ABILITY PETITION FOR THE GREEN CARD: All, I want to thank NPZ Law Group for the stupendous job done on my EB1-A filing. In particular, I would want to place on record my sincere thanks to ______ for always being available for clarifications, patiently answering all my questions and doing a really good job in composing the cover letter. I realize that my case was a rather complex one, but the cover letter really illustrated the thought and thoroughness put in by ______and _______. The end result was an approval with no RFEs, so again, many,many thanks from my family and me for this. Regards, _____________________.

FROM A RECENT BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT OF NPZ: I was impressed from the beginning with your personal attention and with the documents that your people passed along to me. I have already made a mental note to pass along your name the next time I am asked if I know anyone who does immigration work. Many thanks again. 

FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Good Afternoon, WOW..I received my Green Card .. Want to Thank you all for your great service and support. Making the whole transaction/process so smooth. I will definitely refer to all my family's and Friends. 

Thank you so much ...:) 

FROM A PC: thank you, ____. And thank you for this email - I'm so glad as experienced and knowledgeable as you are with this process that you've given me insight that basically my fiancé and I are not the only ones! We have been dealing with a lawyer throughout our case since last year but it was quite frustrating he didn't seem sure of what is currently happening. At least your youtube video gave me some comfort that your firm is very familiar with the 221g process and I love how you and your associates actually traveled to some of these Consulates to try to work a better system in handling this 221g process! I assure you, after I find out what's happening at the end of this month with our case to reach out to you should any bumps lay along the road. Your receptionist explained to me even though she is not a lawyer she put my worries at ease with thorough office protocols. Thank you again! Will be in touch should any red flags come up. 


FROM A CORPORATE CEO ABOUT THE NONIMMIGRANT WORK VISA FOR ONE OF HIS EMPLOYEES: Dear _____________: I want to personally thank you and your colleagues for the diligence and the hard work you put in to this. Best regards, ____________________



FROM A POTENTIAL NEW O-1B ARTIST CLIENT: Dear ____________, Thank you so much for your speedy response! Does the O-1B allow me to start a company or would it be the E2 only? Thank you SO much for your help even at this hour, you are incredible. I really appreciate your assistance and looking forward to working with you! Sincerely, _________



Hello Dear ____________:

I have absolutely no words to express my happiness and I am simply speechless, in what words should I convey my thanks to you all!

I am normally spread my words in my circle about all SUPREME capability, BEST quality and FABULOUS professionalism with attorneys like ___________ (A WINNING COMBINATION) of NPZ Law Group in Immigration and Nationality Law, where words like outstanding, superb are small to use for them!

It was 12:00 in the mid night (Eastern Time), when Esq. ______________ called us and intimated about this "Good News", of "Approval of L1A Extension" which means he was so responsible and equally concerned. Earlier, during preparation of the case also, quite often he exchanged emails with us late nights to make the case 'PERFECT". He really worked smartly, strategically and too hard for us, due to which we could have received the right judgement from USCIS in time. He really checked the all the papers minutely, gathered every helpful evidence to the smoothly developing the business, compiled docuements and genuinely made a strong case, which was difficult to refuse.

During the preparation or finalization of the case papers, quite often ___________ called me and made me understand, guided me in taking the correct decisions and keeping patience where ever required, helped me in making long term planning for being correct candidate of the Green Card.

Esq David provided overall support, maintained level of confidence, and allowed me mark each and every copy of my email which I normally wrote to the working attorneys- either ______________ While marking the copies of my email to Esq. ______________ each time I was sure that he was reading my email, whenever he get a chance even at late nights or even while he was travelling abroad, and analyzing the matter paying attention to it even in this busy schedule.

Thank you ____________

Thank you ____________

Thank you ____________

I am also thankful to all other friends of the team, who are directly or indirectly or indirectly involved with my case, and helped me to get a favorable decision from USCIS in time.

Not to mention, still I will like to talk to you all, at 2:00 pm (Eastern Time), this time not to discuss the strategy, but convey our thanks.

Best regards, _____________


FROM A HAPPY HOUSE COUNSEL FROM A LARGE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY IN THE MIDWEST: Hi _______, thanks again for all your help with ____(our CEO's) _____ visa. I really enjoyed working with you all on this, and it is a pleasure working with a firm like yours. Being in Midwest, I have to admit I am normally averse to working with NYC area firms, but you all are great. At your convenience, could you please provide a quote regarding the cost to help __ (our CEO) ___ obtain the Green Card? I know there are variables, so a range is ok depending on variables. Thanks. ___(House Counsel)___ 


FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION SERVICES COORDINATOR FROM AN NGO: Hello __________, I hope this weather is treating you nice! I would like to say that you have such a wonderful staff working for you. They are loving, caring and very helpful group of people. It was such a blessing for _________ to have ____________ help her with her son's immigration issue. She guided me and provided me with all the information that was needed so that ___________ and her son could have a nice outcome. Working with people that cares so much about others is such a blessing and a privilege. On behalf of __________ and ___________, I want to say thank you so much for all the help that you give us and for having such a wonderful group of people working with you. May God bless you and everyone in your office everday,
Thank you very much
Sincerely, ______________


FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Hello NPZ Team: I wanted to express my gatitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a long, upsetting process, with a happy end. Thank you all.



Sincerely, _________

FROM A PERSON WHO REFERRED CASES TO OUR OFFICE: Hello ________,  You're not likely to remember me; we met several years ago in New Jersey,  I was looking after  a small group for a business dinner.  You kindly asked for my information for tour and management reference and I yours for references to some green card holding friends.  My dear friend ________________contacted you, was duly impressed and now he and I are referring ___________________to you.  _______________ sent someone unknown to me to your office for help and was immediately rewarded with a last minute visa.  Super work. I'm glad to have kept your information handy and thank you for your professionalism and kindness and will certainly send any other folks in need your way. Warmest regards, _______________________________

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENT OF THE FIRM: "Hope all is well with you! ___________ has returned to the US and now we are waiting for his permanent resident card to arrive. My family members think you are the best lawyer they have come encountered! They asked me for your name and location, so they can have a reference handy when necessary.

Thank you for all your help. You have a talented and caring team. I already have my cousin asking me a question regarding her parents green card issue. I appreciate your guidance regarding the below issue. Happy holidays!"

FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT-BASED CLIENT: "Thank you _______! Please let me know if there are steps to follow next. And particularly I would like to thank ________ and ________ for their extraordinary efforts in the submission. They were outstanding and impressively professional. I will definitely encourage my friends to contact your group when they are seeking for immigration help".

FROM A RECENT AND HAPPY FAMILY-BASED CLIENT: "Dear NPZ Team: I just want to write you and tell you the great news. My I-485 was approved today, they say that I will receive my welcome notice by January 27, 2015. I am forever grateful for your advice and assistance. We've had years and years of terrible legal advice, and I honestly can say that you are the best lawyer I've ever dealt with by far. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. VTY, ________.

FROM A RECENT FAMILY IMMIGRATION CLIENT: "Mr. __________, I have been incredibly impressed by the hard work and by the vast extent of the knowledge of ______ throughout this process. Your firm has helped my family and I like no lawyer ever has come close to doing in the past, and for that I am forever grateful. Anyone else I know needing immigration help will receive a passionate recommendation for your firm from me. I sincerely appreciate all that you have done, and will send ______ a copy of the green card document once it arrives. Thank you very much!

Sincerely, ________."

FROM A HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING CLIENT OF OUR FIRM: "Thank you David, so much for your genuine responses. Like you suggested I'll get in touch with you as & when needed. God bless you & your firm; I really really appreciate your sincere answers & I'll definitely refer people in need of immigration issues to your firm in future. Please acknowledge my eMail. ____________"

FROM A HAPPY NPZ LAW GROUP CLIENT: Dear _______: I cannot express how grateful I am for the gift you gave me today. I don't believe a simple thank you is good enough because you've helped my family and I numerous times. But I am extremely thankful for your generosity and I hope you have a wonderful long weekend. Sincerely, ________.

RELIEF FROM FORFEITURE IN CONNECTION WITH THE SEIZED PROPERTY: Our client, a permanent resident of Canada, was traveling back to Canada from the Republic of South Korea after visiting her mother and family. According to Custom Laws, anybody who arrives in the United States or is in transit through the United States and is in possession of over $10,000.00 needs to declare the total amount of funds on their possession.

Our client was aware that the undeclared limit per person was $10,000.00 and she therefore completed CBP Form 6059B and itemized the amount of funds that were in her possession while transiting to board her next flight to Montreal, Canada. After a review of her Form, CBP officeers decided to conduct a search and found that our client had more funds in her possession than was declared. Our office was retained to obtain the funds back from CBP. After contacting CBP and arguing our client's case, CBP approved our Petition filed on behalf of our client, and our client was able to receive her seized funds within four weeks of submitting the petition to the Government. Our client was charged only a minimal penalty for the inaccurate reporting. The Attorneys at Nachman, Phulwani, Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group continue to assist individuals who have customs confiscation issues of cash at the border (with CBP). For more information about these services, please contact us at or call our offices at 201-670-0006 (x107).

FROM A RECENT AND HAPPY GREEN CARD RECIPIENT: Dear _______, ________, _______, Thank you very very much! I couldn't have received better news today and specially few days before my birthday. This is the best present. I am incredibly happy and satisfied with your services and support, _______ for introducing me to your team, ______ for for keeping me strong Many times, Many phone calls, you are sucha powerful  woman, and above all ______, you were with me on the battlefield; twice ;-) and i know that you felt and shared with me all my worries; you have been great! I will make sure to recommended your business to all My friends that might need your services.

Thank you once again. I will try call you tomorrow, to Thank once again.

Regards, __________

FROM A CLIENT OF THE FIRM IN RESPONSE TO A PRESS RELEASE ABOUT NPZ'S RECOGNITION IN BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA: 05.09.014 Dear Sir, First of all CONGRATULATIONS to you. Its a big achievement to come out on top from many on floor. Its all because of your lovely nature and professional skill. I meet you twice in last 12 months in India, but from the very begining you created a warm feeling in us, and put confiance in us. May GOD fulfill all your desires and you achieve more and more mile stones ahead. Once again congratulations to you and NPZ team. With warm regards _________

FROM A RECENT BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT WHO JUST GOT THE GREEN CARD: Dear _______: Please see earlier mails below. We met you thrice during the last 2 years regarding some minor issues on our I-485 case. It was filed by our Employer's attorney (_________) and there were some minor issues and we were very much worried and met you thrice for your advice.

The care you took to study the issues and the advice you gave us had given us a lot of confidence during the time of distress. We are glad to inform you that our I-485 applications were approved and we have received our cards yesterday. Just wanted to thank you for the help & support you provided us during the part 2 years. And we would love to take your advice should we need any immigration help in future and we also recommend you to all our friends. Regards, _________________

FROM A HAPPY INVESTOR VISA - E-2 VISA CLIENT: "Dear _______________, We are sincerely grateful for your assistance with the entire E2 visa procedure. My son went for 3 interviews and it was a tough grilling for him. They have given him a 3 year visa. It was such a relief for all of us.

We have to congratulate the entire team at NPZ for the hard work and sincere effort. We simply cannot express our gratitude in words!

We could handle this only because of your swift and able assistance.

Thank you so very much for all your kind guidance and super efficient job!

The US Embassy stated that ______'s visa was the first one they had ever handled where a student had requested for E2. They have said that they had done only 2 E2 visas this year! Also his was the last visa to be printed before which the system crashed in Washington. He had been extremely lucky! We wish you the best in all your endeavors. It was a pleaseure working with you. Good Luck!"

FROM A PLEASED IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: "Hi ________, Great New! Today I got a notice from USCIS. It was to notify me that my application for Green card has been approved. Please see atached letter for confirmation. We would like to thank you all deeply for helping us in the very difficult, strange and unusual situation".

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY IMMIGRATION CLIENT: __________: I  want to take a minute to thank you for your help and quick response while handling my case. I know the final decision about the visa grant for my family is not in your hands. However, you have executed the strategy as we discussed during our first consultation call. Your response to all my questions has been always very quick. I would be glad to refer your services to you my friends in Maryland in future. I will keep your updated from my side in next two weeks. Regards, ___________


Thank you for the another good News, and we are pround of you as an individual and you all as a team of NPZ Law Group. I am also proud of me for opting the best Immigration Attorneys of the United States to assist me in my Immigration matter. I will be now looking forward for my application of Green Card through you straight way, through my hard work and proving the worth in me and our company . . . Thanking you and team once again, ______.

FROM A CORPORATE IMMIGRATION AND BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: "According to my own experience, Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak Law Group, (NPZ Law Group), P.C. VISA-SERVE Plaza 487 Goffle Road, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 have hardworking, smart, customer friendly & result oriented team of immigration attorneys, which is again headed by each, one of the MOST EXPERIENCED & KNOWLEDGEABLE ATTORNEYS of the country: Mr. Nachman, Mr. Phulwani & Ms. Zimovcak. This makes a multilayer sharing of knowledge for the issues, they periodically and carefully discuss the issues among them to find best ways to go ahead in the benefits of the clients. Also due to defined duties, their attorneys are focuing immigration issues minutely.

They normally keep providing the true & deep knowledge of the prevailing laws of the immigration, to the client and I would say that they are also the asset for the United States. If someone asks me, I would simply say that this is the best law firm for the immigration issues / matters / petitions of the United States. The name of NPZ Law Group is considered to be highly reputed & reliable at the Immigration Department of United States. Sincerely, ________.

JUNE 2014 - FROM A CLG CLIENT: "....As you already know, my daughter got her permit at the border without much questioning, likely helped by the excellent preparation and paperwork you helped us with. Thanks!"

FROM A RECENT ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING 221(g) CLIENT WHOSE CASE WAS PENDING FOR A LONG TIME AT THE CONSULATE ABROAD: Greeting to you - "I have received the passport with visa from the post office, I would like to thank you all for what you have done efforts and wish you and NPZ LAW GROUP'S continued progress and success, prosperity, and thank you very much".

FROM A POTENTIAL U.S. FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENT OF OUR FIRM: Dear Mr. _______, On behalf of my brother and I, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us and answer all of our questions so carefully and exhaustively. You have helped us tremendously in our preparation for filing I-130/I-485 petition on behalf of our mother. It has truly been a pleasure to meet you. Best wishes, _______

FROM A RECENT POTENTIAL FAMILY IMMIGRATION CLIENT: My brother and I met with _______ to consult on a petition we intended to file on behalf of our mother. We could not have been happier: Mr. Nachman is very personable and made us feel welcome. He answered all of our questions knowledgeably and carefully, suggeting alternatives and pointing out potential pitfalls. Hi depth of knowledge was clear beyond any doubt. He spent over 1.5 hrs with us - way more time than we expected - and remained focused and helpful throughout. I can honestly say that _______ is a credit to his profession and a wonderful person who I have no reservation in recommending to anyone who needs a knowledgeable and compassionate immigration attorney. Thank you!!

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Dear _______, Thank you so much to you and entire NPZ team for your help and guidance.


FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT DOING A WAIVER APPLICATION AT THE U.S. CONSULATE IN INDIA: "At the outset I would like to convey Thanks to your team. Yesterday we attended visa interview and consulate officer informed us having granted visa after completion of interview. Thank you very much for your sincere effort and support. With Regards, _________".

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT WHO JUST RECEIVED THE GREEN CARD FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY: "I just would like to congratulate the NPZ Law Group for the outstanding job done in getting the green card approval for my family. Great Job! Thank you. __________."

FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT OF NPZ: Dear _____: Thank you and thanks to all the team members who worked on this matter. The entire staff has been truly exceptional throughout the process. Regards, ________.

FROM A HAPPY PERM/I-140/AOS CLIENT: Dear ______, ______ and ______, I have a great news to share with you. The green card just got approved today. I really appreciate your professional help on my case. You really saved this trouble one. Thanks a lot, ________.

FROM A HAPPY MARRIAGE CASE CLIENT: "_______ See attached - FYI -- finally, the visa is ready. Again, major major thank you for your excellence.

You are fabulous. Sincerely, _________"

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY-BASED CLIENT: Muchas gracias to all of you for helping, supporting us and being part of our life's adventure! I'll miss preparing documents and papers but I'm supper happy to have my green card!

_______, you and your team made an amazing work with my case, during the interview they mentioned that my case was very well prepared.

Gracias! _______.

FROM A PLEASED FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Dear ______: A heart felt thanks to both of you for helping guide ______ and ______ through this journey. I'm sure it will be successful in the long term. Best, _______

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE CLIENT OF OUR FIRM: Dear Mrs. _________ and Nrs. _______: I sincerely apologize for my delay to send you this scan. I thank you both so much for all of your help and amazing work. I will definitely recommend the firm to friends who need similar services!!

All the best, __________.

AN E-MAIL FOLLOWING A RECENT INITIAL CONSULTATION WITH A POTENTIAL NEW CLIENT: "Hello _____, I will be very honest with you. I talked with 3 other firms the last 2 days and although you guys are more expensive I really enjoyed your honesty and all. the details you gave me. I would love to move forward with you. Please let me know what I have to do next! Thank you! _____________ Sent from my iPad"

FROM A HAPPY CANADIAN BUSINESS VISA CLIENT: "Dear _____: Hope you are doing? Firstly a very Happy New Year.

Secondly my visitor visa for Canada got approved up to 2018. I have received all of documents along with passport today. It took exactly two weeks as I have applied on 24 December.

I'm truly thankful to you for supporting me and giving me guidance on all these. Thanking you from bottom of my heart and truly appreciate your help. Have a great day. Thank you."

FROM A RECENT AND PLEASED BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT: "Dear ______, _______, _______, ______: Last night I received a welcome notice from Immigration, explaining that my status has been adjusted and that I will receive my green card soon. I thank you for handling my case and your professional services. You are truly the best at what you do. I was blessed and lucky when Mrs. ______ from ____ Company told me to contact you to assist me with the H1-B. Tomorrow my family and I will celebrate, we will drink a toast to you and all the people that were involved in this long but successful process.

Thank you,

Kind regards, ____________".

FROM A RECENT TN NAFTA CLIENT: "Thank you NPZ again for your assistance! Rest assured that if and when anyone asks me or my company if I know a good law firm for any visa-related matters, I/we will send them your way!

Best, ________________."

FROM A SATISFIED FAMILY IMMIGRATION CLIENT: "Hello ______, _______ & ______ (VISASERVE TEAM), We got the visa..... The interview today at Embassy went very well and "we got" the visa. I am extremely happy and the credit goes to you guys and your firm.

FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Dear NPZ, I am extremely grateful for all the hard work which you have done for my green card application and it has been a pleasant experience working with you! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! VTY, _____________


Véronique Malka was highly recommended to us four years ago, by a US lawyer, when we were unsuccessful with US immigration and decided to pursue Canadian immigration. Although we never had the pleasure of meeting Véronique in person; we felt vey connected and knew that she truly cared about our situation even through our telephone conversations. She is very knowledgeable, highly professional and attentive to details. Most importantly Véronique takes time to thoroughly explain you all the options before taking any decisions. She goes well beyond the call of duty to make sure that you as a client are important and valued.

After successfully moving to Canada four years ago, we contacted Véronique recently to renew our temporary permits in Canada. She once again, was very successful in achieving positive results for our application even though there were some uncertainties about the case. Véronique has provided our family the stability and happiness that we had hoped for. We look forward to working with Véronique in the future applications for permanent residency. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with Canadian immigration. We are truly blessed to know her.

- ________________

FROM A HAPPY NATURALIZATION AND CITIZENSHIP CLIENT (NEWARK DISTRICT OFFICE): Dear _____: Thank you. Will pop in later on this week and drop off a copy of my certificate. Thanks for everthing you did to make this possible. Regards, _________

FROM A PLEASED BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Dear ________: Received message from USCIS that our Green Card is finally approved and the actual cards are in the mail. We would like to express our gratitude to your firm specially to ________ and ________ for their supportive, positive and professional approach and guidance in handling our case. Thanks. _________.

FROM A HAPPY WAIVER CLIENT: I am extremely please with NPZ Law Group, and would 100% recommend them to everyone. You guys are truly the best lawyers around.


Hope this email finds you well.

It's my Pleasure to inform you that I received my Permanent Resident Card today.

Please find an attached Scan Copy of Permanent Resident Card and Employment Authorization Card.

We again Thank You David and Everyone for all your Help with this Journey and Appreciate it very much.

Once again, You all are Invited from bottom of our Heart. Sincerely, _____________


It is with great joy that i write this recommendation. After a couple of years, I have received Canadian permanent residency through the family class. I initially began working with Veronique when I was in the U.S. trying to obtain a temporary work permit for entry into Canada. We were able to continue our lawyer-client relationship from Canada when I moved to join my husband. Veronique and the Staff at NPZ have been easy to reach via email and telephone and a true pleasure to work with. Despite some minor complications (through no fault of theirs), Veronique handled my case with patience, care, and professionalism. She presented realistic scenarios and timelines, and she reassured me along the way. There were times that I knew she went out of her way to help me complete my file and meet deadlines, and I wholeheartedly appreciate her thoughtfulness and diligence. My husband and I know we made a sound decision retaining Veronique and NPZ to guide us through the entire immigration process.

Thank You,


FROM A PLEASED FAMILY IMMIGRATION CLIENT: To Whom It May Concern, I had been trying to get to my long time common law wife for a couple of years. We were together for over thirteen years when she moved from Florida to Canada to be closer to her natural family. Due to some minor complications in my past I was denied entry into Canada. So, I researched what I had to do and got all the paperwork together. I like to be thorough in whatever I do, but was overwhelmed with what immigration required. I needed professional help. Then I searched for an immigration lawyer. I discovered Veronique Malka of the NPZ Law Group. She has helped me immensely in preparing and sending the three different cases, due to my situation, to the proper authorities in Canada. Since I have little understanding of all the legalities involved, Veronique Malka has guided me through each step in the process with care, understanding and patience. I have known Veronique for over a year and a half now and she is still helping me. Presently I am in Canada on a temporary visa status awaiting my permanent visa. I can't say enough on how Veronique has helped me. When I was worried or frustrated about something to do with a particular form Veronique would reassure me and guide me through. I have to say besides her professionalism, Veronique has put love into my cases. I know for fact she has worked late many times and would call me with whatever changes or corrections were needed for certain forms before verifying and mailing.

I believe Veronique has gone "Above and Beyond" in her duties and responsibilities as an immigration lawyer. I highly recommend Veronique Malka for anyone who needs help with an immigration problem.



FROM A PLEASED FAMILY IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Hi _________, __________ have successfully walked us through adoption to permanent residence for my nephew. Thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks again

bye for now


Las Vegas

FROM A PLEASED FAMILY BASED CLIENT: Dear ___________, It is with great happiness that I am writing this email to you. I just have received an email from the USCIS that on _________, 2013 they have mailed me a notice that they have approved the I-130. My husband and I want to thank you with the bottom of our hearts for all the help you provided us, because without you we could have not done it, THANK YOU again and God bless you. I want to ask you, now that the I-130 is approved what is the next step to follow? What do I need to do or do I just wait for the notice?

Warm regards, ___________

FROM A CORPORATE CLIENT: Hello ______: Thank you for your message, and I'll miss working with you and the NPZ team also! I have greatly appreciated your assistance during the past few years; you hand_______ and the NPZ team have consistently gone "above and beyond" on many occasions on our behalf. I'm pleased to be able to transition the company relationship with NPZ to _______, and know she'll find contined value in working with the NPZ team. Thanks, _______

FROM A PLEASED NATURALIZATION CLIENT WITH SEVERAL ISSUES: Dear ____: thank you so much for all your wonderful help. I can't even tell you how happy I feel about my naturalization. Thanks you for pushing me and supporting me throughout. _________". 

FROM A BUSINESS VISITOR VISA CLIENT'S FAMILY MEMBER: Thank you all so much from bottom of my heart! We were so pleased to hear the great news that our son got visa (hopefully he gets multiple entry).Thank you ______ for providing the guidance and Thank you ______ and ______ for putting strong case for his file and preparing his file accordingly. I really appreciate all your efforts. 

FROM A PLEASED CORPORATE IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Thank you________ and________ team VisaServe for all your help in this extension!

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE HR MANAGER/CLIENT: Yet another victory for VISASERVE! You are a great resource, and a great team, Merci!____________

FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Oh my God. It is spectacular. THANK YOU ____, _____ and ______ for the green card. You have been marvelous. We are very happy indeed. We really appreciate your tremendous support in this complex process but due to your guidance and patience this has been very interesting and positive.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

FROM ONE OF OUR DACA CLIENTS: Dear ____, _____ and Mr. ______, Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you've done to make this possible. This is amazing news and I couldn't be happier! _____ just a quick question. What is the next step in this process? I'm assuming I should be expecting my employment card to arrive shortly. Sincerely, _________

FROM A GREEN CARD CLIENT: Fantastic News and thank you all for your fine

efforts on this! 

FROM A PLEASED GREEN CARD CLIENT: Hi All, I've received my original LPR card yesterday via FedEx.

I just want to say.....Thank you very much for the efforts. Words cannot even express my gratitude.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays. VTY, __________.

FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION LAW REFERRER: I'm sending this e-mail to thank you. Over the last few years I've referred a handful of people to you and each person has been very pleased. The first person was _________, who was employed as ______. You have been extremely helpful to her and her family, and as her employer that was a big relief. I've sent a few other people your way, most recently last week when I referred a colleague at my firm to send a client, ___________. The organization got back to us to say how responsive and helpful you were.

Thank you very much for your good work, I'll continue to keep you in mind.

FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION CLIENT THAT USED THE SERVICES OF THE NPZ LAW GROUP: Good morning, We got our Visa's this morning. I wanted to take this opportunity and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our dream come true.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put in our application, your service was very professional.

Best regards,________

NOTE FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: Dear ______, We wish to thank you sincerely for solving this extremely serious problem for us. We will begin to do the research immediately to ensure that we have all the necessary documents to take with us to Canada. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel, we could not think where else or what else to do. Have a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Thank you again, Regards, __________________

FROM A SATISFIED BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT: "Dear ______ and ____, After 17 years even an optimistic guy like me had doubts. I already know the cards are on the way. _____ and I are excited and appreciate you and your wonderful team for this wonderful life changing gift. After 7 months of personal darkness, this little card is a beacon of light. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything and be sure I'll spread the word about you.
Yours truly, _________"

SENT IN A LETTER BY ONE OF OUR RECENT CLIENTS: Dear ___, ___, ___: Thanks you for all of the service that you and your company have offered us. We are truly grateful that our case was finished successfully and we could not have accomplished this without your hard work and support. As few days ago __ received his U.S. Passport and we are all planning to go to ___ this summer. Thank you again for all your great service and immediate attention to our case. Sincerely, The ____ Family.

________: Your office has been successfully working on H1B and Green Card certification for my employees, __________. You were originally referred to us by __________, our corporate attorney. _________ and I have been working with ________ and ________, who have provided excellent service. I just want to personally thank you and bring to your attention some exemplary service by your (I believe, paralegal) _______ and your receptionist. ________ responded to a call from my personal friend, ______, whose wife, a ___ citizen, was being detained. When you were not available, your receptionist sensed the urgency of the situation and put him through to ________, who knew exactly how to help him locate his wife and advised him with next steps, etc. I cannot tell you how important it was to him to have access to this expertise at that very moment. He was frantic with worry and was not able to get any information from the authorities. I commend the professionalism and sensitivity that your staff demonstrated and am so happy that I recommended you. Best regards, ___________________

FROM A SATISFIED CLIENT: Dear ____ and _____: This is wonderful news, and we have already received actual cards last Friday. I would like to express my gratitude for your dedication to my case and outstanding job with preparation of extensive documentation to support my application! It has been an arduous journey and I am happy the we have finally got to the successful closure of the case. It has been a great experience working with both of you and I am going to highly recommend your services to my friends and colleagues. Thank you again for your help! Best regards, _________________________.

FROM A PLEASED H-1B BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT: Hello, Thank you for your outstanding work.
It is deeply appreciated. I can focus and move on to other goals for now. Please forward the document to _______________________. Thank you,
Best wishes, ________.

FROM A SUCCESSFUL NAFTA BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Hi ________, I´m back, I´m at my job right now, I get back yesterday night to Newark, I forget to let you know about my trip, but everything went very good and easy. Just to thank both of you and your team for this successful job.
Everything was easier than I thought. Thanks a lot, _____________.

FROM A RECENT CORPORATE NATIONAL INTEREST WAIVER CLIENT: Dear ___________, That is a wonderful news I just would like to thank for all your help and support we got from David Nachman , you and all people in Visaserve who worked on our case. I hop I will be successful in future process too. But I want to know how much are you going to charge for AOS application. Thanks a lot. Sincerely, _________________.

FROM A RECENT NATIONAL INTEREST WAIVER CASE CLIENT: Dear ________, Congratulations to you both as well for a securing an approval for us. My wife and I would like to express our immeasurable gratitude to you both for your assistance and the positive results in our NIW petition. Our experience of dealing with your firm has been a pleasant one. Your expertise and kindness in handling everything was invaluable and it makes us very hopeful that we can acquire an approval in the EB1 category as well. Thank you so much for your professional and effective help. We would strongly recommend your services to anyone in need of assistance in any immigration matters. Thanks once again to you both and to everyone who may have worked on our cases. Sincerely, _____________.

FROM A CORPORATE CLIENT: "David/Ludka, Your team is a class act! Thank you for your quick and professional work! Regards ______."

A RECENT CORPORATE CLIENT WRITES: "Dear ____, I want you to know how tremendously appreciative we are regarding your advice to our employee. He had no difficulty in returning to the US from Toronto after Seder. He now has his R-1 extension!! With appreciation and warm best wishes, _____".

FROM A RECENT POTENTIAL CLIENT: Thank you dear David! I read your perfect and kind Email...I need to wait for the answer of lottery and then if I did not wIn ... I will try to find a job offer via my friend. he is a professor of university in NY... you are a very professional Lawyer and you gave me a very good advice...take care

FROM A RECENT RESEARCHER WHO NEEDED HELP WITH CONSULATE PROCESSING IN INDIA: "David, thanks. You and the NPZ Law Group Team are awesome. Please thank Ludka, Michael and Madhavi also for their help. You guys are amazing."

A CORPORATE CLIENT WRITES: "Excellent . . . Once again, thank you and congratulations for all of your knowledge/excellence in the field, all of your hard work and persistence and your constant support throughout the process! We will forever believe that you both are the top of your field! Thanks again".

Dear ____, First of all I would like to thank you and ___ for the wonderful job you have done and also my heartiest thanks to NPZ law group team.

Infact I will recommend NPZ law group to all my friends and family members. The day when I was in trouble, Ms. _____ (International student director) & _______ (DSO) ______ highly recommended your firm and bcoz of you I am back on my career path in the med field. My classes will begin by may. Please e-mail the copy of approval receipt when you receive it.

Thanks & regards, _________

RECOMMENDATION FROM A BUSINESS CLIENT: I've had a rather unique, very difficult immigration case, and Mr. Nachman and team have worked very hard on my behalf for several years to ultimately "win the battle" with the authorities and obtain a favorable result. Mr. Nachman and team are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise, and having received the desired benefit of the process I have no doubt the firm is able to achieve the same for any client.

FROM A RECENT GREEN CARD CLIENT: I am happy to share with you that my wife and I received our I-485 approval notices and green cards last weekend. I want to take this opportunity and thank both of you for promptly handling my application. You have been great and appreciate all your work. And, please pass on my appreciation to Attorney Nachman as well. Please let me know if we would need to complete any final formalities for our green cards.

FROM A CLIENT WHO RECEIVED O-1 AND O-2 Approvals: "Fantastic job _____ and Mr. _______ and I am glad that in over a decade that I have never been asked for RFE & delayed the approval status; god has been kind to me in this matter."

"Thank u very much!!!!! this is our best new ever! thanks to David Nachman and his team, thanks for all!!! thanks for all the efforts trying to get this done, God bless U all!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot from all of Us."

"Yesterday I received my green card in the mail. My wife's has not arrived yet but as far as I understand it should be approved too. Thank you so much for your hard work that made this application successful."

"I just received confirmation of my PERM Application approval from the U.S. Department of Labor. They tell me that it was 'certified'. I cannot thank you and your VISASERVE team enough for all of your help."

"We never expected to get the H-1B visa approved for our employee so quickly and at such nice price. The VISASERVE Team seems to be doing all of the "right" things to help our business navigate the difficulties in the U.S. immigration law".

"I am deeply grateful to Veronique for her expert guidance through the immigration process. She is completely reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!"

"I have worked with Veronique in a personal capacity and I know that professionally she has a very good command of her area of legal expertise. She also has a very even disposition and reacts well in a crisis."

"Veronique is someone who takes tremendous pride in her work and will spend the additional time it takes to complete a project thoroughly and accurately. She is truly a quality-focused individual."

"Veronica is very committed to each of her files and has the remarkable ability to focus on very minute detail while never losing track of the big picture."

"I hired Veronique Malka to handle green card applications for two of my relatives who are Canadian citizens. I was very impressed by her and the Nachman & Assoc. Team. Veronique is extremely knowledgeable in immigration law and very ethical. She processed the paperwork with accuracy and efficiency and my parents received their green cards within 3 months. Her fees were very reasonable as well. Overall, the service she provided was outstanding and I recommend anyone who requires immigration legal services to use Veronique."

"The law firm that I worked with is "NPZ Law Group" They are located at "487 Goffle Road, Ridgewood, NJ 07450". I have been working with them since 2006, and extremely happy with them. I generally recommend people/company to others if I am 100% confident. In my 11 years in USA, I have worked with many different attorneys and NPZ Law Group is the best ever. Before I met them in 2006, I met with 6 different attorneys and all of them told me that I have used all my H1B time limit and have no choice but leave the USA. Then I met with Nachman's Firm, and they told me that there is a way to keep me in USA. They made the application as they told, and I got the new extension as they explained. At that time, I had some friends in the ___ area and recommend them NPZ Law Group and they started working with them as well. And all their feedback has been positive as well. After I've started working with them, whoever asked me about an immigration attorney, I recommend NPZ Law Group without any hesitation and tell them not to look other places, and go directly to them. All of the other people I worked with in the firm are very friendly and professional. Eventually, I and my wife get our green cards, despite 2 previous denials, and all process done by NPZ Law Group as well."

I really enjoy the wonderful service of your law firm. Your are a marvelous company. Low price, High quality. Since the _____ has contract with another law firm, we have to work with them to file our O-1 petition. If I have friends whom ask us to introduce a immigration law firm, I will introduce your company.

"....thx again , ... your service is beyond reproach. best regards _______."

"Hi . . . sorry I didn't get back you to sooner but the interview went great _____ just had to do another medical an get a letter of good character from the police station but we got all that so were just waiting for them to process the visa . . . we wanted to thank you very much for helping us we really appreciate everything that you have done for us."

"I met with David Nachman yesterday and he was VERY helpful!! He is able to help us with our problem and jumped in to do it quickly and at a very reasonable rate. I would definitely recommend him to any of your clients who are looking for Immigration help."

Dear Mr. Nachman and staff,
I would like to say thank you very much for all you have done to help me and to get my wish comes true. I would like to acknowledge all of you who happened to touch my case at some point in some way, who've been very patient and professional while you are working so hard and always on top of what you are doing. You all are wonderful and even though some of you may no longer be with the associates, I feel that you all have done something to end my long wait.

It's been long and hard way to get to the point that I'm becoming a Legal Permanent Resident. I may say that only because of Mr. Nachman, I wouldn't give up my wish and fight for what I can do for my dream. Only he could lit the light and say all things possible in my case to make it work. Mr. Nachman, I'm sure I'm not the only one who says that you are really wonderful. I can't say thank you enough for you.

Without all staffs' help and amazing work, I will never been able to get this approval. I want to include everybody who's been magnificent and supportive to me, but I would like to extend my deep gratitude to all people whom I may never known but also have contributed to achieve my dream.

My words will never be enough to express my gratefulness to all of you or to let you know how joyful I am that I finally get approved. One thing that I know for sure is that with quality of work that you always do, the knowledge and expertise you have, and the passion that you always show for all cases you have, I'm not the only one whom dream comes true and sing my pray for each of you. Thank you. And THANK YOU.

"To Veronique, David and the rest of the team: My relocation from the U.S. to Canada was seamless thanks to you. Just today, my permanent resident application was approved! Thank you for guiding me through this maze. You made me feel like I was the most important client your firm has. Your level of customer service combined with extraordinary expertise is amazing! I will continue to think of you for future referrals and immigration work."

"I'm very grateful for the help I received from the Canadian Division. They showed great attention to detail, answered all my questions in a very timely manner and delivered the desired result. Thank you very much."

"It wasn't long after meeting David a few years ago that I began wondering why I had ever let any other lawyer handle my affairs! Quiet spoken and unpretentious he promises very little but delivers, far above and beyond any call of duty. He is personable and accessible, with a highly competent, professional and responsible legal and administrative staff to back him up. I have only good words for David and for NPZ Law Group and strongly recommend David to people with simple and complex needs in his field."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

YEAH! Wow, really? Maybe you need to pinch me to be sure I am not asleep. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us. First of course you have all handled all details with great timeliness & professionalism. That is the easy part because then on top of that you eased, understood, comforted, reassured, worked late, provided me weekend phone access to you and on and on in order to ease the tremendous emotional stress that the process and the waiting had on me. Because of the nature of the work that you do I know that we will not be in contact much after this point. However please know that for the rest of our lives we remember the work, kindness & dedication that you provided. May God Bless You.

A CLIENT WHO JUST RECEIVED THEIR EMPLOYMENT-BASED GREEN CARD WRITES: Thank you very much for good news and your efforts in connection with the 485 RFE response for my spouse. Thank you very much for giving the priority in response of my wife's 485 RFE response.

Thank you very much for your patience because I had called many, many, many times to know about the status. And thank you very much to drive in good direction every time whenever I ask for decision and your for your efforts.
Thank you very much for your efforts/suggestions, quick responses in preparation of the I-140 and 485 applications and they got approved.

Thanks because she put very efforts for I-140 RFE response.
Thanks because she worked on the labor when David Nachman was with __________ in 2002.

Thank you very much for all your efforts, good work and very good support complete documentation in case of RFE reponses.

Thank you very much for all who worked directly and indirectly (if I miss any one) during the processing of the Green Card for me and my spouse.

Finally, Many many Thanks for working as a great team and to have good quality.
And many many Thanks to _______ for all the signatures, approving all H1-B extensions, EAD's, I-140 and I-485's and approving second labor also.

With all your efforts and God's grace, finally the Green cards are approved for me and my spouse.

Thanks again for all from me and my family.
Thanks and Regards, ________

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on the phone. My husband and I have been trying to speak to someone knowledgeable about the immigration law on our case. You staff is very courteous and we think we will be using your office's services.


Thank you so much for taking time out of your weekend to coach me about the questions that may be asked when I attend my Consulate interview in Canada. I now have a much better sense about how to continue to prepare for the Consular Officer's questions. You and the members of your staff have continued to provide prompt, courteous and helpful information.

We were not planning to use a Lawyer for our family-based immigration marriage case and we were going to do it ourselves. However, you helped us to understand the pitfalls that would be involved and your very reasonable fees showed us that it would not be cost-effective to handle the matter on our own. We owe you a debt of gratitude for that.

As a student you and your staff helped me to understand the H-1B process and then you helped me to explain the process to my H-1B employer and that was before I even had to pay a fee. I greatly appreciate the service and your attention to my H-1B needs. It is very important that I get the H-1B to allow me to stay and work in the U.S. and you helped me to feel that it would be possible. Thank you for that.

We used an Attorney who did just a little immigration law and then our cases were denied. After the case was denied by the CIS I came to see you and you gave me hope. I thought that I would not be able to do another case. Your and your staff's explanations were clear and you showed me and my family that we could try again.

I have been trying for over 13 years to get the green card in the U.S. you and your staff finally helped me to realize my dreams. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. May god bless you and your immigration law staff.

"As you probably know, my Green Card and my husband's Green Card were finally approved. I just wanted to thank you for all the great work your company has done for us; I think your people really know what they're doing. I wish all immigrants were as fortunate as me and my husband, to have found such a wonderful team to work our case.

We really appreciate all your help. Have a wonderful holiday season and a Great New Year!"

"After a previous bad experience with several law firms, you and your staff have been completely responsive to our every need throughout the immigration process. Thank you for the high level of attention."

"Mr. ______ has been dealing with the _____ Law Firm throughout the process and has never been happy. After you did his case for him he was smiling. It was the first time that I have seen Mr. _____ smile since he has been involved in the immigration process. Thank you for giving him the attention that he needs and deserves."

"I know that I am in good hands. You and your team have been taking good care of my difficult cases since I first came to your offices. Whenever I move to a new place of employment I tell them that they should use your firm's business immigration law services. Thanks."

It is my pleasure referring business to your office. David Nachman is one of the best attorneys I know in the area of immigration and his firm operates with a very high degree of professional responsibility.

"Thank you very much for your time and expertise that you accorded to us. We are very grateful and thank God for you. May the Good Lord Continue to Bless your family and business."

"Thanks you for all of your wonderful support."

"Thank you for helping me to continue my American Journey. I appreciate you efforts."

"Thank you for providing extremely efficient services and doing everything to expedite my residency permit process this really helps considering my job situation."

"Everything went well and I am having a great time seeing my friends and family. Thanks you so much for preparing such a comprehensive package for the issuance of my visa stamp. Best."

"The green card is great news and great Christmas gift for me and my family. I just want to take this opportunity and thank you very, very much that you are so much helpful, so much professional. Without this it would take much much longer. Please pass along my Best Regards to Mr. Nachman as well. He has a very great team."

Hi David, How are you? I am _____, I met you in your office in Ridgewood, NJ on ___ after 5pm. Regarding status change from H1B to F1. I am sure you remember the case. I apologise for not being in touch again as I was going through random things happening since then. By Gods grace I got married to the same person on May 19th. I want to let you know that your support has been tremendous help to me on various steps I have taken after meeting you. I thank you for your valuable time. Best Wishes & Regards. Thank You, ________.







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