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General Testimonials

Our Clients Say It Better Than We Do

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ David and his team have been my immigration layers for 20 years and have always delivered faster and more smoothly than I have expected every time. They have done the same for numerous friends I have referred to them with some difficult cases that had been stuck for years. Their service is personal, pleasant, and caring. They are excellent professionals with a comprehensive and dynamic knowledge of US immigration policy, law and practice. But what makes them stand out is that they care for their clients. -JA

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT: Aint that the truth, you guys are the best immigration lawyers in the business! Thank you both so much, what an incredible and emotional day! This is truly one of the greatest moments and we are beyond happy. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart :) - ML

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: I received my Green Card yesterday evening. I really really appreciate everybody for your help. Thanks from all of us. Best and Regards. - HC

FROM A SATISFIED NPZ CLIENT: You are absolutely amazing! We got the green card for my husband too!!! I can't thank you enough for everything!! - CR

FROM GOOGLE: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am really happy for your services, I felt very comfortable during my migration process You answered all my doubts and questions. The most important You were keeping touch with me all the time. Thank you so much - LN

FROM GOOGLE: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I had big trouble with USCIS and talked to different Attorneys and they all told me the same way which cost me more money and more time. I have spoken and agreed with Mr. David Nachman and he fixed it in one week and at a lower cost. I am incredibly happy with his team and strongly recommend everybody to work with him. -HC

FROM AN EB-1 EXTRAORDINARY ABILITY GREEN CARD APPROVAL CANDIDATE: This is great news. You and your team have been great throughout the process. I have never had a better experience before with an immigration law firm and look forward to working with you for rest of the process. - AY


FROM GOOGLE: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ David and his team were incredibly helpful, detail-oriented and thoughtful during my entire immigration journey! - DS

FROM GOOGLE: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I cannot thank the team at the NPZ Law Group, enough for their exceptional work in helping me obtain my O1B visa. From start to finish, they were professional, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive throughout the entire process. Their expertise in immigration law was evident in the way they carefully guided me through each step of the application process, ensuring that every detail was addressed and all necessary documentation was provided. Not only did they provide expert legal advice and assistance, but they also showed a genuine interest in my case and made me feel like I was their top priority. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, my O1B visa application was approved without any issues. I am now able to pursue my dreams and further my career in the United States. I would highly recommend Dr. Nachman and his crew to anyone in need of immigration services. They truly go above and beyond to ensure their clients' success and approval. I would also like to give a special shout out to Giannina, Claudia and Cynthia. As I was navigating a very difficult and stressful situation, these ladies went above and beyond to make sure I understood the process and that everything would be okay. Their words of reassurance and guidance were invaluable, and they helped alleviate much of the anxiety and uncertainty that I was feeling. Thank you!! -MM

FROM GOOGLE: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ They definitely know what they are doing and they are very efficient to. They have a setup that makes them extremely responsive and reliable. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a competent immigration law firm. -TQ


FROM GOOGLE: I really appreciate the service offered by NPZ Law Group . They helped me and my family members getting L1/L2 visa, extension of visa and finally the Green Card for all of us. They are quick to respond for any questions and even available for a call and when required. Neejal Patel coordinated with me for our Green Cards and the overall process was very smooth. Thanks a lot Neejal for you help and service. -DK

We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for your hard work and dedication. Your professionalism, expertise, and support made this process much smoother for my husband and me. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome!

We are grateful that we found you and had the opportunity to work with you. Please extend our thanks to your team for their efforts as well. We will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need.

As we move forward, we wish you all the best in the coming year. May 2023 bring you success and happiness!

Thank you again for everything.




Great law firm, very professional, knowledgeable, and just as important friendly and honest. David walked through the process, having his calm voice and reason really helped us. -SR

FROM A HAPPY RELIGIOUS WORKER VISA PETITIONER: Thank the professional team for obtaining my VISA R1. I'm grateful. God Bless you. Regards - LBL

It was a great experience getting help from David Nachman for our family to get the green cards. He is very professional, very wise, very experienced, very patient, very compassionated and very kind guy. He can get the point accurately and set up the correct route, it is very important. They have a great team to work for our case. After that we kept a long term friendship. This year we asked them to help us renew our green cards, and we got our new green cards a couple of days ago. I appreciate David and his associates' help. - JY

I really appreciate the great services by David and the team at NPZ. I worked with Giannina D’Albenzio, Sun Moon and Severina Castor. I worked with team for my USCIS Employment Sponsored Green Card application (EB1)-Outstanding Researcher. I admire their work ethic and excellent representation. Thank you, Sun Moon for drafting supporting letter in lighting speed and submitted in a short time. My case was approved without any questions from USCIS. The David and team were proactive and submitted my case in a timely manner in a very impressive manner. Whole NPZ team are simply awesome! Thanking you once again on behalf of Myself and My Family. Highly recommend to anyone looking for immigration support. -V

FROM A HAPPY US IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: I just want to say thank you to all of you for helping us. It really means a lot to us and you made the process so easy and smooth. Thank you so much for all your help. - MT

Fantastic and caring team. I count myself incredibly lucky that I had David and Severina handling my case. They made the process very smooth and answered any questions I had very clearly and concisely. I hope to continue to use their team for future cases. -AG

FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENT: I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for all your help and support during the year for assisting me and my wife in successfully getting a green card. It was a little surprising to get the green card about 6 months earlier than expected but I’m not complaining 😁. - B&S

FROM GOOGLE: I really appreciate the great services by David and the team at NPZ. I worked with Giannina D’Albenzio, Sun Moon and Severina Castor. I worked with team for my USCIS Employment Sponsored Green Card application (EB1)-Outstanding Researcher. I admire their work ethic and excellent representation. Thank you, Sun Moon for drafting supporting letter in lighting speed and submitted in a short time. My case was approved without any questions from USCIS. The David and team were proactive and submitted my case in a timely manner in a very impressive manner. Whole NPZ team are simply awesome! Thanking you once again on behalf of Myself and My Family. Highly recommend to anyone looking for immigration support. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -VE

I really appreciate the great services. With the group , it’s an easy process to become legal in USA. I am happy with the Group Nachman P. They are all great people. 🥰 I will definitely recommend my friends and Family to the group. -PD

I worked with David and his team, including Severina Castor. They helped me / supported me in applying for my US Green Card. They were proactive, supportive and diligent. It was great to work with them and a smooth and easy experience - which is all the more appreciated as the process to apply is complex. Thank you team. -TBC

My O1 visa and green card application (EB1B) were both approved in a such short time period, and many thanks to NPZ group who offered me their great services. Their expertise, honesty, and hospitality left an enduring impress on me. I highly recommend their service to whoever seek immigration or non-immigration applications, and you will not be disappointed. -FW

David and the team at VisaServe were fantastic to work with. I worked with David directly, as well as Severina Castor. I worked with them for my USCIS Employment Sponsored Green Card application. They were fast to respond to any questions I had. At key points I was able to talk through particular questions on a phone call with David. The process was smooth and they were proactive to tell me when certain USCIS approvals were provided, as well as proactive to tell me what information to prepare for to keep the process moving as quickly as possible. Everything was submitted in a timely manner and super quickly. -Tom

FROM A HAPPY CANADA REHABILITATION CLIENT: I don't know if you remember me, but I wanted to let you know that I reapplied for rehabilitation (the 3rd time), and this time I got approved. Yay! I wanted to thank you for your input, because I did submit tax returns, transcripts, and various other supporting documents that probably made a difference, based on your recommendations. - JM

FROM A NEW POTENTIAL US CITIZEN CLIENT: As you are aware, I’ll have my oath ceremony next week and I’m really excited about finally getting my citizenship! Thanks to you, this was a seamless and easy process that I should have done years ago - if I had known you. - LH

FROM GOOGLE: 2022-10-06 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Very professional and helpful lawyers! — Angela Selzer— JG

FROM A HAPPY NEW EMPLOYMENT- BASED GREEN CARD HOLDER: Highly appreciated your support in getting this happened! It’s really important for me and my family especially for my Son who would like to pursue his career in Aerospace Engineering. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and care that was taken on my case. Thanks & Regards. - AM

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD HOLDER WHO USED NPZ LAW GROUP'S IMMIGRATION LAW SERVICES: I am writing this email to you to express my most sincere thanks for the most professional representation from snehal and ur team. I admire their work ethic and most of all excellent representation. Thank you snehal and team for helping me through this tough time and aiding a new beginning of my life. THANK GOD for your knowledge we got approved with L1 and now for green card , i know i have been a pain in starting due to my curiosity how will this things go but thanks for being on our side and explaining everything in detail no matter how many questions we had. David your crew snehal and the entire team was so helpful for getting threw this process, you have one of the best attorney’s in this country they have been a blessing for us. Ones again thank you so much for going above and beyond! I am extremely grateful for all of your help and bearing with me through everything and i will highly recommend you guys to all my friends and family 1000 stars on - SR

FROM GOOGLE: Attorney David Nachman was very helpful and listened to me and answered my calls, emails and questions all the time . They handled my case for almost 5 yrs until I got it approved! his team were great including attorney snehal batra , neejal patel and the rest of the team. always the best ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — JG

FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT GREEN CARD CLIENT: Today we received Green Cards physically. Please find attached six images as we discussed this afternoon. I really appreciate and sincerely thank you and all yours in NPZ, - starting from your partner ... team members, ... for all their whole hearted help & efforts, without which this wasn’t possible. Also, not to forget ... who gave me your time and appointments as and when it was needed and keeping me up to date in receiving payments!!! I specially appreciate you responding to my emails late nights between 10 pm to 11:59 pm while both of us were working on my immigration and chatting on cellphone discussing the issue and many more, counseling me before the green card interview back in September 2019 - I can’t forget those moments. You and your whole team all are simply awesome! Thanking you once again on behalf of Myself and My Family. - KP

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT: Thank you very much, ________ and other team members, for your guidance and tireless help. I greatly appreciate your time and effort. Also, I would love to recommend it to our friends. - AV

FROM A RECENT GREEN CARD CLIENT: Last week I have made my first trip outside the us using my green card. it went very well and I am writing this e-mail to thank you again for your professional work and advise. I deeply thank you for that. I will continue recommending your service. - AD

FROM A RECENTLY APPROVED O-140 NIW CLIENT: Thanks again for your craftsmanship in drafting such a convincing petition! - AR

FROM A HAPPY NATURALIZATION CLIENT - A NEW US CITIZEN: I still remember my first conversation with you and how understanding & comfortable you made be feel from that very first conversation. I keep going back to it as I was filled with questions at that point and your expertise, patience & understanding played one of the most major roles in helping me make my decision to work with you & your team. Thank you so very much again for all your patience, guidance & support from start to finish. Every conversation with you has only given me more confidence & guidance. Next, a very special shoutout to ______ ! She was fantastic and gave me the same guidance, confidence & support as you and she played a huge role too in my initial decision to work with your firm as well. As a client, it was important for me to choose the right attorney and you guys made that decision easier & were just excellent from start to finish! A special mention to ________as well for her great effort & patience too! Thank you once again so very much ...! It was been nothing less that fantastic to work with you & the team! - KV

FROM A HAPPY NATURALIZATION CLIENT: I really appreciate all your support and help from the start and like I have always said you have made me feel so comfortable right from the beginning and worked so patiently with me on all my questions & concerns. I would also like to thank _____ and i remember how patient & understanding she was all through. Thank you and the team once again so very much for all your guidance! It has been a wonderful experience working with you & team and I have been very impressed and thankful for your promptness, expertise, patience, guidance & understanding. Thanks so much _______ once again! You guys were awesome! - KP

FROM A HAPPY 221G RESOLVED CLIENT: Hi everyone, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone involved in this visa process that I was struggling with for like almost more than 4 years! Good things come to people with patience and I think I'm the happiest person right now, I've received my passport with visa plus I got verified ... - SC

FROM A HAPPY NEW GREEN CARD HOLDER: I was checking my case status today on USCIS website. And YES! It was approved today! I would like to thank you all for your help, and support during my 5 year journey ! A special thanks to you and mr David nachman for everything. I look forward to seeing you soon and celebrating this moment . Have a great evening. - AA

FROM A HAPPY O-1 (NPT) VISA HOLDER: I wanted to sleep on this hoping it would sink in and thought I'd have the right words to say this morning, but I'm still shellshocked. After 4 years of being the dog chasing the car, I have no idea how to process this moment where I seem to have caught it. I'm overjoyed, and I feel like I'm finding my way back into a sense of self-worth and personhood again, after leading a shadowy/ghostly existence. I can't thank enough every single one of you who has touched this application and listened to my neurotic thoughts full of doubts and fears. More than any confidence in my own work or abilities, much of my optimism this time was largely attributable to how much I felt like I was working with a group of people who really had my back. Please let me know if you will have any time at all this Friday, as I'd love nothing more than to come and briefly (being considerate of your schedule) thank each one of you in person. - KP

FROM A HAPPY CANADIAN CORPORATE CLIENT: Thank you for the professional service you provided that allowed our employee to enter into Canada without any issues. As you know, I work for a _____ company and occasionally we have personnel from _______ come to the US / Canada for various reasons. - O

FROM A HAPPY NEW GREEN CARD HOLDER: Hope you both are doing well. I have some good news to share. Just got an update that my i485 was approved and a new card is being produced. Thank you so much for helping me with this. I have nothing but extremely positive experiences with you and your team. - AB

FROM AVVO: Working with Mr. Nachman and hiring him as our lawyer was the best decision. We had quite some options for lawyers; however, we all thought he was the best one for our future. We were provided with honesty And patience. Thank you! -HP

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT:  Finally the wait is over and I got my green card 🙏
I am very great-full to all of you. It wasn’t possible without your advices ,guidance and all the support to pass this Long difficult journey 🙏& - ID

FROM A HAPPY I VISA CLIENT: I am very blessed. I can't thank you both enough. Specially ________ for taking out the time and helping and guiding me in every possible way and going out of the way to support 😇. So very blessed and grateful Thank you both so much - RR

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT AND SPOUSE: We truly appreciate all your help and guidance throughout the long and winding PERM-140-AOS process. Thank you again, and we would definitely recommend NPZ Law Group to any of our international friends who need immigration assistance - QG

FROM A RECENT AND HAPPY EMPLOYMENT-BASED GREEN CARD APPLICANT:  I just checked our AOS case status, and it seems that both of our cases have been approved -- the case status also changed from "New card is being produced" to "Case was approved" in the past couple days (see attached screenshot). While we will be patiently waiting for the approval notices and physical green cards to arrive, we are beyond thrilled about this latest development. Of course, such a turnaround would not be possible without your exemplary professionalism, knowledge, and care. So we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for that. I will confirm again when we have the cards in hand. Thanks again! - QG

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE CLIENT: Thank you and your entire team, David. - VD

Thanks to you and the wonderful team at VisaServe, the process went smoothly. 
Even though it took almost 10+ years, the VisaServe team was there all along and provided excellent guidance. We appreciate it. - SV

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: We got both the approvals and the cards themselves yesterday in the mail!
I'll reach out to ____ HR team to initiate my re-hiring process.
I can't stress this enough _________ - thank you so much, this literally changes our lives for the better, and you and _________ have both played a major role throughout this whole process. - IR

FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS IMMIGRATION CLIENT: We made it, and thank you for all the help, from the bottom of our hearts. - AB

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD BUSINESS EXECUTIVE CLIENT: Woah. This is incredible news. Thank you so much for all your support through this process. I am sorry for being so annoying through the process with all of my questions 😅. But I truly appreciate all your guidance. You are the best.☺ - HN

David Nachman took on my case after i was not able to enter the US for 4 years due to a mistake i made on my ESTA form for years. I was not aware of the mistake. David Nachman and his team are attentive, highly responsive & clear. They helped me go through the required administration work to resolve this issue successfully. I hired a law firm prior to David Nachman which cost a lot of money with no result. I am forever thankful to David Nachman and his great team who helped me to have my freedom to travel back. -N

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This fantastic result is entirely due to your amazing work! I am so grateful to you all.  It feels like i have my freedom back - next to a Visa. I will highly recommend your firm to all people who tell me about any problem like that- NF

FROM A HAPPY FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT:  Thank you! Means a lot! Our family needed this news and we were really looking forward to receiving the affirmative. It means a lot. This enhances our faith in the Immigration system of USA. We thank NPZ team (especially David H Nachman Esq. and Samantha Chasworth Esq.) for representing, documentation guidance and efforts to make this happen - HSJ

FROM A ONE OF THE EMPLOYEES AT ONE OF OUR CORPORATE CLIENTS: Thank you very much. I would like to thank NPZ team for their help and guidance. My special thanks to ________ for help and guidance for last 10 years in all matters of myself and my family’s immigration matters. I will send the copies of the cards once we receive them. - ST

Thank you so much David for taking up my case. I am really grateful to you and your team. - PS

FROM A HAPPY N-400 NATURALIZATION CLIENT: I am glad we have the procedure completed. We wish to thank you for your diligent work and excellent support. We felt very well prepared. We will happily recommend you to any friends who wish to become citizens. - EK

NPZ law firm is top notch , one stop shop of any immigration needs one may have based on personal experience. Once you retain them , you would always feel you are in good safe hands, they know what they do they Also care across the firm. Ludka who handled our cases for a period of 3 years is professional, up to date , experienced solution oriented best in class lawyer, very grateful for her help & services. NPZ law firm would always be our go to law firm in future would recommend anyone who has any immigration need here in the US or Canada. Great people & great legal minds. - SH

FROM A HAPPY N-400 NATURALIZATION CLIENT: Hi. Good morning. Wanted to share a happy news. Received the Oath ceremony notice (attached) and it is scheduled for _________ I can't express how happy I am. Thanks, David and Samantha for all your support, and guidance extended to me over the last 9+months. Most importantly, we were able to get it done, without mandamus filing. Thanks a lot. - SR

FROM GOOGLE: I want to thanks the entire team of npz law group they helped me out thru out my whole case on becoming a us citizen thanks again you guys rock.. - PH

FROM GOOGLE: This is fantastic firm who really takes the time to listen and evaluate a case based on an each persons individuals needs. I had the best experience in terms of knowlede, professioanalism and care. The initial fee is a small prices compared to the level of service you recieved. I have and will continue to recommend this firm to any friend or family as they are top notch if not the best expereince I have ever had with a law firm. Also an extra big thanks to our Attorney, Ms. Ludka Zimovcak for her thoroughness and resposiveness on our case. Everything went exactly as she advised it would. Her strong work ethic is evidend by how much she cares about her clients and her passion for what she does. -MR

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE H-1B VISA TRANSFER CLIENT: I want to thank all of you for helping us grow out team and especially your ability to move so quickly. It made the government look efficient ;) - SM

FROM A NEW POTENTIAL CLIENT: It’s amazing to see how professional you guys are reaching out shows that you care for clients I have never seen such a perfection it’s a pleasure to know people like you God bless definitely send you documents by tomorrow.Thanks- MT

Great experience overall having David H. Nachman and Snehal Batra as my attorneys. Snehal Batra understands her client, very insightful and is an expert in her field. Truly a professional and marvelous individual. I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. the whole team went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome (Green card Approved). I couldn't have asked for a better law firm or attorney. Thanks guys -AD

David and his team were a pleasure to work with and very happy with the services provided. As any other layman I struggled to tackle a certain task which was paperwork and process intensive. David and his team were very knowledgeable and available to help guide us through the process to successful completion. Highly recommend to anyone looking for anyone in this area! -G

They are all amazing.Helped me from A to Z. Very helpful, and always free to respond any questions.Those people knows what to do to get what you need. Extraordinary.Highly recommend.- NA

Amazing Lawyer, and Team around him to make you have whatever your need. They are amazing, david is amazing. Very helpful, always free for a call, very responsive on email, to the end even after our file closed and approved. Love it. Highly recommended.

NPZ Law Group Team has helped me with not only what I needed but also what I wanted on my EB2 485 case during the pandemic. I totally recommend this law firm for your immigration needs. -

FROM A HAPPY E-2 INVESTOR VISA CLIENT: I want to thank all of you for all the work you have done. I am very happy because it has been a process and everyone has given their best. I hope our business succeeds and we continue to work with you with all the processes we have to do. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! - JL

FROM A HAPPY NATURALIZATION CLIENT: Please accept my (long due) but warmest and most sincere gratitude for your superb assistance in my securing American citizenship (of which I am extremely thankful and proud). The process was smooth and your availability, promptness of response, input and guidance, invaluable.  Thank you so very, VERY much from the bottom of my heart. Wishing you a healthy, safe and most wonderful New Year! - GH

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT UPON GREEN CARD APPROVAL NOTIFICATION: We will certainly do that. Once again, thank you very much for everything you've done for us, answering our silly questions and supporting the process the best way possible, I personally believe your tips made the difference here. Have a great day & talk soon then! - VM

FROM A HAPPY PERM LABOR CERTIFICATION CLIENT: Thank you very much ____ and _______! We are so happy!!! 😀 Thank you for your hardwork and for not giving up on our case. Wish I can visit your office to personally thank you and the team. God bless you! Happy New Year! - TL

Very professional team, prompt communication, and delivered everything we needed in a timely manner. Was a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend Snehal Batra and her team to anyone needing any sort of immigration assistance. - AR

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT: Thank you so much. You have been the pillar of my immigration journey. I have enjoyed working with you since 2013 and I am grateful for your dedication to my case. Thank you for providing crucial information and support this year when everything seemed to fall apart and I was at risk loosing my job and possibility to proceed with the AOS application for me and my husband. - MS

FROM A HAPPY NEW GREEN CARD CLIENT: Thanks for letting us know. I want to have this opportunity to thank you for all the guidance and work during our process. This proves one more time that Dr. Nachman and his office were best hands we could have rely on. Thank you! - YA

FROM A HAPPY P-3 VISA RESTAURANT CLIENT: We would like to thank you so much for you diligence and pushing us. We are very excited about the decision and still can’t believe it. We would like receive the call to review the questions for the interview. Again you are appreciated and will recommend you to anyone who asks and also if we need you again. - BK

FROM A HAPPY O-1 NIV CLIENT: I feel lucky to have NPZ take care of my case, and will recommend NPZ to my friends who are looking for immigration assistance. - LZ

FROM AVVO:This firm supported my 2 visas and a green card within last 4 years. Great communication and approach, step-by-step guidance and detailed plan of action. No stress, smooth process and successful result. Special thanks to Severina and David. — VR

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT WHO RECEIVED HER GREEN CARD: Thank you for the update, I cannot believe it's happening to me :) I wanted to say thank you very much for the great support for my L1B visas and green card through the past 5 years. I will keep highly recommending your office to everybody who needs similar support. - VR

FROM AVVO: We are so thankful to David and Severina, who guided us through the complex process of immigration. They were prompt to answer and very detailed. Their years of experience really show. We were less anxious after each conversation. I???m actually writing this review after our successful adjustment of status interview! Thanks so much. -AA

FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: Me and my family have reached USA today safely. Just wanna thank you and your team from bottom of our heart and appreciate the efforts you and your team made to help us get our visa. Thanks a million again. - TD

FROM A HAPPY O-1B NONIMMIGRANT CORPORATE HR CLIENT: Thank You All So Very Much for your guidance and direction. I’ll address the green card with our President and CEO next week and will advise accordingly. Thank You Again ! Enjoy your weekend ! Best, - DM

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: Great job! Thank you for all your assistance throughout the process. I appreciate. Please find attached a scan copy of the green card. - AS

FROM AVVO:David was recommended to us by a friend and worked with us on a marriage-based green card process. David was very competent, knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the time we worked with him. He was also very responsive and made himself available to us as we needed. His staff were very supportive as well. We would highly recommend David and his firm without any reservations. — AA

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT: Thank you so much NPZ team for guiding us through this process! I could not believe how much work we have been working through over the years! It is because of all your professional support and dedicated efforts that we have the confidence to go through and eventually made it😊 All in all, it’s beyond our thankfulness! - HY

FROM A HAPPY HR MANAGER CLIENT: Again! Thank you Team for this wonderful news and all your hard work! Truly wonderful! - SB

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: I am very thankful for your services and the utmost professionalism. I have few more clients that I am going to refer to you. Thank you. - ST

FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT IMMIGRATION CLIENT AT A PUBLIC COMPANY: Thanks David to you and your team. Appreciate all your efforts in getting the job to the logical end. - RP

FROM A HAPPY CLIENT: You did it. I am very excited about this. Fourteen years dream comes to reality. God tested me for 14 years. Staying away from your child is the hardest trial for any mother. Love you all. Looking forward to further steps. - MA

FROM A RECENT GREEN CARD RECIPIENT: Please find attached the cards and approval notices that I received today. Thanks for all the help over the last 4 years through the L1 petition, I-140, several EADs, multiple SRs, finally culminating in the Green card. It is a great relief for me and my family. - GG

FROM SOME HAPPY GREEN CARD : We received our cards. Thanks a lot! To you and everyone at the firm for making this dream come true! - PE

FROM A NEW AND HAPPY EMPLOYMENT-BASED GREEN CARD HOLDER: Truly I appreciated your support and work. When I see the cases in the green card tracker, I realize that many cases are rejected/denied due to inadequate funds and inappropriate documents, etc. We are so lucky to have skilled people like you and your team. Great work. Thanks to the NPZ group - RP

FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT-BASED VISA BENEFICIARY AT ONE OF OUR PUBLIC COMPANY CLIENTS: Thanks a ton for all your support in guiding us through this process. We are super excited to have the process go through fairly smooth and be in possession of this at the earliest possible time. I will have our Green Cards scanned over to you by tomorrow. Thanks - PM

FROM A HAPPY WORK VISA RECIPIENT: This is great news! I would like to thank you all, most sincerely, for helping me through getting my Visa. I am beyond excited to start my journey at __________ and wouldn’t have been able to do without this process. Thank you. - SK

FROM A RECENT AND HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT: I wanted to let you know that I just finished my immigrant visa interview this morning in the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, in which I was approved for the E13 visa. Everything went extremely well, except for the long lines because of the COVID-19 restrictions, and associated delays. The interview was no more than just a few minutes and went extremely well. I just wanted to relay you the comment of the interviewing officer who said, “you must have had an excellent lawyer who prepared such a thorough and huge file”, which he described as “intimidating” 😊 I am taking this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who helped and supported me for this long journey. Thank you and God bless. - YH

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD CLIENT: Well I have received my Green Card on 31 st August I want to thank you and your staff for a job well done. - AR

FROM A HAPPY NIE APPLICANT CLIENT: I am so pleased you are all fabulous, the expertise and quick hard work has been worth it and I am so grateful. – BM

NPZ Law Firm is excellent Law Firm. Team Leader of their group Snehal Batra & Managing Director David Nachman they both are very cooperative with clients and always help them to aware procedure and try to get approved their case. I would highly recommend for this Law Firm for any immigration matters. -PP

FROM A HAPPY HR MANAGER AT ONE OF OUR BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENTS: I’m amazed with the speed you and your team works with! Kudos to the firm! - AP

FROM A HAPPY HR MANAGER AT ONE OF OUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION CLIENTS: Thank you Team! We appreciate all your hard work – I hope you find tremendous satisfaction in your achievements and celebrate each win in some big or small way!!! Your work is life-changing and critical to so many lives! Thank you!!!! -AA

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE CLIENT FOLLOWING A GREEN CARD APPROVAL: Good Morning to you all! That is very good news – yes please send to me. Thanks for all the hard work.- AA

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE CLIENT WHO MOVED SHIFTED FROM L-1A TO GREEN CARD: Hope your Monday is going well. I just checked online and both my wife’s and my I-485 was approved and USCIS ordered new cards. I wanted to thank you and your team for all your help and advice throughout this whole process. My wife and I are extremely grateful. Thank you for always taking my calls and patiently answering any queries I had. - AR

FROM A HAPPY BUSINESS- CORPORATE CLIENT: Great news--we received our Green Cards and I-485 approval notices! Finally, an end to a long journey, and thank you so much for your constant support! - AD

FROM AVVO:I was referred to David's firm through some family friends and I was very happy with the service provided. We were working on my green card case specifically and it was quite an overwhelming process but having David there was a big help! Would definitely recommend him to my other friends! -AA

FROM A PLEASED CORPORATE CLIENT: Please note that I have also received my Green card as well. Thank you so much for all your help in getting me through this process. Thanks & best regards - SK

FROM AVVO: David and his team has helped me and my family in our O-1 visas, EB-1 green cards and Naturalization process. For last 7 years, I have known David and his team. David is super quick in responding to emails whether its weekend or after work hours. He guides in a very meticulous way which has helped me and family a lot in getting visas, green cards & citizenship. I have never seen a lawyer so intelligent, prompt and going an extra mile for you. — Aman

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE CLIENT: We just received the Green Cards this afternoon!! Please find the copies of the two cards in the attachment. Please let me know if you need any further information. Thank you again for your help throughout this process!! Best wishes, - JX

FROM AVVO: My firm hired NPZ to process the h1B application. Extremely happy with the prompt response and patience with which the dealt with the whole process. The lawyer assigned to us was Rajesh and he was always available to answer queries and clarify information. Highly recommend! -AA

FROM A RECENT NIW CANDIDATE: Hope you had a great weekend. It looks like we have approval on the I-140, was checking the app this weekend and the case turned green. Looking forward to hearing from you and getting into the next step, we are very curious to understand what will happen next. Thank you very much, Great Job! Well done! it really means a lot to us... - VM

FROM A HAPPY HR CLIENT AT ONE OF OUR CLIENT COMPANIES: Thank you so much and a special thank you to the team at NPZ you are amazing. - OE

FROM A HAPPY CORPORATE CONSULAR PROCESSING CLIENT: I have received my Passport with Visa stamped and NIE approval! Thank you so much for your help with my case. I will be travelling back to the United States today. - VRS

FROM GOOGLE: We hired Ms. Snehal Batra (an Attorney that we followed) from NPZ Law Group and had an excellent experience. She was both highly experienced and professional on all accounts. Ms. Batra was involved in each and every step of a case for Green Card and ultimately US Citizenship for an older individual that was born in India, held Canadian Citizenship and was residing in the United States. Ms. Batra was involved in each and every step of the long process and was readily available as needed. At many points during this case she went above and beyond to move the case along.I would unconditionally recommend her and the Firm that she is affiliated with (NPZ Law Group) for US and other Immigration related matters.— Zubair K

FROM A HAPPY CEO AT A CORPORATE CLIENT: 👍 I count on you guys! David, your team support is fantastic.-Y

FROM A HAPPY MANAGER - EXECUTIVE WHO RECEIVED APPROVAL OF HIS INTRACOMPANY TRANSFER VISA: I hope things are fine at your end. I’m very pleased to inform you that we got the Green Card from USCIS yesterday by mail. I wanted to thank you for all the great support in the matter. - RM

FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT: I hope you had a good holiday weekend… We have a super exciting news to inform you, guess what, - We got the Green-cards yesterday by mail…. we just couldn’t believe that it could come so quickly. All your great and timely support really contributed in we getting this. - RB

FROM SOME HAPPY 751 PETITION CLIENTS: This is fantastic news! Thank you so much for all this immense help in pushing this through. _____, needless to say, this would not have been possible without all your hard work--thank you, thank you, thank you! - NR

FROM A HAPPY GREEN CARD RECEIPIENT: Great News !!! We both received Green Cardtoday , after so many years waiting. Excited !!!! Is there anything I have to do from my end. Not Sure Please advise. Thank you for your great Support - AA

FROM A HAPPY 221G CLIENT: Thank you for following up on this. These are wonderful news! Thank you to all the team at NPZ Law Group for the advise and help. Rest assured, this is not the last you have heard of me. For any future needs on immigration law, now I know who to call. - MN

FROM AVVO: Very professional communication through the process. Honestly about any delays or challenges within the process. Came to know about him through a referral and will refer him too others as needed. -AA

FROM GOOGLE: My husband and I are so very pleased with their work. They were always very professional and kind. Neejal and Ludka were awesome! And we finished our process without any problems and they made very easy! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you guys do! Thank you! :) — Camila P

FROM A HAPPY CITIZENSHIP CLIENT: Hi, Here are the approval of my citizenship and my appointment letter for ceremony. Thank you so much for both of your help along the way! You have been super helpful and I will definitely recommend you to my other friends who need help with immigration. All the best! - LD

FROM AVVO: Not one to write reviews much, but I was impressed with the ease and knowledge/advice I recieved. Even provided a whatsapp number as bonus to ask any questions before my Consulate interview. Very happy with his services.— Jin

FROM AVVO: It gives me much pleasure to thank Mr. Nachman. Finally, I have received my F1 Visa after I got rejected twice. All the words of thanks can not describe my feelings. Thank you for everything, you’ve done a really great job. — Abdul

FROM AVVO: It gives me much pleasure to thank Mr. Nachman. Finally, I have received my F1 Visa after I got rejected twice. All the words of thanks can not describe my feelings. Thank you for everything, you???ve done a really great job. -Anish

FROM AVVO: David and his team has been very helpful throughout the visa renewal process. They provide professional advice and high standard work on all required documents. We are happy that they always support us on all enquiries and being nice and friendly in responding our emails. -Shirley

FROM AVVO:Extremely meticulous with all the details, patient, kind, thorough, thoughtful and supportive throughout the process in helping obtain the EB 1B approval. Very grateful for their help. -Maria

FROM AVVO: They were very helpful and clear about everything I needed to do with the process to get my visa.— Maria

FROM AVVO: I worked with two different lawyers before I met David and Samantha. During our consultation, it became clear that Mr. David Nachman office was more knowledgeable then my previous lawyers and his fees were very reasonable. Mr. David Nachman was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. I am very happy that I used his services. I will recommend this office for all my family and friends. — Antonio A

FROM AVVO: NPZ Law made the H1B filing process look so easy & effortless for both me & my company. I highly recommend them to anyone looking into getting immigration advice/services. 5 stars for the smooth service they provide.— Eshan

FROM AVVO: NPZ Law made the H1B filing process look so easy & effortless for both me & my company. I highly recommend them to anyone looking into getting immigration advice/services. 5 stars for the smooth service they provide. -Eshan

FROM A HAPPY NATURALIZATION CLIENT: I want to thank you for all your help and advice during this journey, it has been a pleasure working with you first getting my residence and now citizenship. All the best, ___SA___

FROM AVVO: David and his team have assisted us twice during the immigration process of applying for Permanent Resident status for my wife. First, they helped us in applying for her initial 2 year USCIS Permanent Resident approval. Then, in applying for her 10 year USCIS Permanent Resident approval. In both instances, David and his team provided essential information and really valuable counsel to us about the USCIS process. They also gave us some important practical assistance with our application paperwork. This assistance has been critical to assuring our approval within the USCIS process. David and his team are the "total package" when it comes to providing legal assistance to people going through the US immigration process. We have received the benefit of their long experience, in-depth knowledge and total personal commitment to their clients' immigration status approval and success. We have absolute confidence in the experience, knowledge and abilities of David and his team. We highly recommend them for immigration-related legal services.— Jeffery

FROM AVVO: Absolutely wonderful to work with and of course very knowledgeable in the field. I know they give their 100% and I can rest assured they are handling my case the best way possible. -Sangha

FROM AVVO: We have appointed David as the attorney for our case, and he has presented it with brilliance, skill, professionalism, and respectable professional honesty. He has gone a long way towards the successful completion of our case, and we got the work permits and the social security numbers. -Ali

FROM AVVO: Dr. Nachman is very knowledgeable and responsive. I highly recommend him! I have been using his office services for years, from J1 to my Citizenship. He made all my visas processes to be very easy. His team is also great; I worked a lot with his paralegal Severina. -Joice

FROM AVVO: They were helping me with each and every step of the process at the top of their priority to get my L1 and then eventually the green card. I will highly recommend them for sure. -Hasnain

NPZ Law really simplified the whole process for us and helped us understand each and every step. They were always there to help us in case of any questions or queries. David was nice enough to accompany us on our interview, which helped us to successfully complete this journey.-TJ

FROM AVVO: Never having worked on Immigration requests,working with David H. Nachman was not as difficult as I thought it would be, particulary registering in the PERM Electronic System. Getting answers to questions on matters I was not sure of. The patience of your staff when they had to wait for our tax return. It has been a pleasure working David Nachman. -June

FROM AVVO: David Nachman is an excellent lawyer! very diligent, caring and respond very fast when you have questions. I love how honest he is. I strongly recommend his service. When I started working with Mr. Nachman, I had a medical visa, now I’m on my way to citizenship!! Thanks to his guidance and expertise. -Liz R.

FROM AVVO: Due to a technical issue, my citizenship application waited at a USCIS field office for about 2 years. David involved in the process and it was resolved smoothly. I appreciated very much. -Alan

FROM AVVO: David is genuinely good person and a great lawyer. He helped us with my wife's immigration issue. He was able to answer all of our questions and provided us a clear guidance and a road plan. He constantly followed up with us to make sure that we were doing fine. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who need a good immigration lawyer. -Yusuf

FROM AVVO: I consulted with David around 1 year ago and he impresses me with his kind attitude and professionalism. He is the one who would put himself in your shoes to help your case. At that time, he gives me lots of advice to make sure which plan is the one I need. For personal reasons, I didn't continue my case but still, I would love to recommend him to anyone who would like to hire a reliable lawyer. -Ace

FROM AVVO: David and his team has worked on my immigration case since 2013. There has been number of times David has helped me out in navigating through immigration process for my work vis a. He and his team are always available whenever we have questions and takes time to answer all your questions in an extremely professional manner. David is an excellent lawyer with immense knowledge on the immigration matters. I would always recommend him. -Roshni

FROM AVVO: The team helped with very specific guidelines and to-do list to get two visas. Very responsive if any questions. -Victoria

FROM AVVO: Mr Nachman provided great consultations with a quick and easy solution to all my inquiries. He was very enthusiastic to answer all follow up questions and provide further guidance. I will definitely be returning back to Mr.Nachman and his team because of their excellent services. Would definitely recommend to any individual with immigration inquiries! -Dana

FROM AVVO: David Nachman, Esq. and his Team was able to provide a clear and satisfactory guidance when requested and was able to submit my case in short period of time and with success. My experience with my lawyer is very positive. -Louise

FROM AVVO: David Nachman was really great and able to provide a clear and satisfactory guidance when requested and was able to submit my case in short period of time and with success. My experience with my lawyer is very positive.-Alan

FROM A HAPPY IMMIGRATION LAW CLIENT OF THE NPZ LAW GROUP: Dear ____, I know this is traditionally one of your more rewarding times with a client. This is a bit off the mark for us and for me in particular. While we know that we are your clients, you have become so much more for us. ____believes she owes everything to your work and kindness ... I cant say that she is wrong. You have treated us as friends as family, with patience, compassion, understanding and care. I have always told you that we trust and appreciated your advice and work what I have left unsaid is the incredibly high esteem in which we hold you. No amount of time or life changes will ever alter that. You both know our situation and while I hope and pray that your lives are always blessed with great achievements, please always remember that we will always be here humbly waiting if the day ever comes when you may need some caring and compassionate friends to lean on. With overflowing thanks and love, -MAJ

FROM AVVO: My lawyer was always precise with expected documentation from me, to the point and accurate in communicating the deadlines, quick in resolving my confusions and questions. My will highly recommend Mr. David H. Nachman to anyone reading this review.-Anirban

FROM HAPPY AVVO CLIENT: David is extremely kind and helpful. To each of my requests, his reply was always prompt and informative. He is a trustworthy attorney, highly capable of solving tough problems.-Jin

FROM AVVO: I had recently sought counsel and support from David Nachman, Managing Attorney at NPZ Law group. I had an excellent collaborative experience throughout the process with a clear direction. David and his team operate with great professionalism, clarity and a strong sense of empathy. David was always very courteous in all our engagements and always available to address any queries or clarifications. I highly recommend David’s counsel and support. Thank you!-Bhavik


Attorneys at NPZ group are great. Easy to work with, personable, and always available for you. I highly recommend them for immigration related matters.

Great experience from start to finish. They held my hand all the way through and got the job done.

We had a great experience working with Mr. Nachman and his team on not one but two occasions. Both times, the cases were handled with extreme professionalism, with a personal touch, making sure they are available whenever we had any queries or confusion about a particular matter. We were recommended by a family member and now we highly recommend his services to anyone who wishes to get immigration based lawyer services. Thank you once again.-Darshan

I was referred to David Nachman as my immigration Attorney by a good friend of mine from England who David represented professionally and successfully. My experience with David and all the staff in his office was equally successful and equally satisfying. David goes the extra mile and has that special quality of making you feel you are his most important client at any given moment which by the way is often on the weekend which is amazing in today’s world. Modern day efficiency with old school values. I could not recommend David Nachman any higher if you are in need of, or considering professional immigration legal representation. - Gerard P.



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