Employee Social Security Mismatch Lawyer

E-Verify Fact Sheet 

With the increase in illegal immigration and identity theft, there is an alarming number of employees working with an invalid Social Security number. As an employer, you could face strict sanctions for failure to perform adequate employment verification. The immigration law office of NPZ Law Group, offers guidance and training about how to proceed after receiving notification of a Social Security mismatch in Social Security numbers.

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What to do about Social Security Mismatch Compliance after receiving a Social Security Mismatch Letter

The Social Security Administration (SSA) notifies employers annually of any employees that may not have a valid Social Security number. This is an indication that there may be a potential immigration concern with particular employees. It is important to understand how to proceed to ensure you are not subject to employer sanctions, but also that you are not sued for discrimination.

The following are measures an employer can take after receiving a Social Security mismatch letter:

  • Review human resources files to ensure documentation is correct and that there were no transcription errors; and
  • If the documentation is accurate, direct the employee to work the problem out with the SSA; and
  • If the employee cannot work out the problem with the SSA, the employer must act carefully not to improperly terminate the employee.

A Social Security mismatch letter does not give an employer constructive knowledge that an employee is unauthorized to work in the United States. Rather, it raises a question. Consult with a skilled immigration law attorney at NPZ Law Group regarding the concern.

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