Preparation for Travel / Consulate Scheduling / Consulate Processing Concerns

  • When do you need a visa and how do you obtain one?
  • If you have a visa/what documents to carry with you
  • Travel Canada/Mexico/Adjacent Islands
  • Advance Parole v. NIV travel issues
  • How to schedule appointments
  • Preparation of employee documents/concerns
  • Corporate Concerns
  • Retention/Termination of Employee if delayed overseas
  • Required Payments of salary/for how long
  • Release of confidential info to meet 221(g)

Issues At Specific Consulates

  • India/Mexico/Canada/Other
  • H/L processing issues
  • 221(g) requests
  • Outright denials/No employer/employee relationship

Dealing With Problems At Consulates

  • Security Checks
  • TAL
  • 221(g), 214(b), Waivers
  • Attorney dealing with Consulates
  • State Department: When to elevate/what can they do (LEGALNET)
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Delays in Fraud Unit

CBP Issues/Concerns

  • Circumstances for denials of entry at airports and other POEs
  • Expedited removal from the U.S.
  • Search & Seizure of goods at POEs
  • Overcoming reasons for denials of entry
  • Ineligibility issues for failure to establish eligibility for a specific visa classification
  • Ineligibility based on 222(g) where earlier visa had been revoked
  • Case examples and solutions in specific cases like working for consulting