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Dr. Sami Karahan

of counsel


Ridgewood, New Jersey


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Mr. Karahan studied law at Istanbul University Law School between 1981-1985. After graduating from the Law School, he started LLM (Master of laws) program at Istanbul University Law School. His thesis was on “Trademark Models”. In 1986, he started to work as a research assistant at the department of commercial law at Selcuk University in Konya. In 1987, he started his doctorate education (Ph.D. in Law) at Istanbul Law School. He finished this program in 1990. His dissertation was on ‘Privileged Shares and Protections in Joint-Stock Companies’. He has been to Germany two times in 1986 and 1992-1993 for educational purposes. Between 1991-1995, he worked as an assistant professor at Selcuk University in Konya and gave lectures to undergraduate and graduate students. In 1995, he defended his dissertation on “Liquidation in Joint-Stock Companies” and became an associate professor. In 2004, he presented his dissertation on “Invalidation Proceedings in Trademark Law” and became a professor.

In 2016, he started to work at Istanbul Commerce University Law School and worked there for three years and then worked at Selcuk University again, after that in 2011, started to work at Marmara University in Istanbul. Between 1992-2006, he was the head of “the Department of Commercial Law” and between 2004-2006, he was the head of “the Department of Private Law” at Selcuk University. Between 2006-2009, and 2010-2011, he was the head of “the Department of Commercial Law” and between 2010-2011 he was the vice rector at Istanbul Commerce University. He has been the head of “the Department of Commercial Law” at Marmara University Law School since 2012.

He founded the Karahan Law Firm that used to have three offices in three big cities (İstanbul, Ankara, and Konya) in Turkey. This firm used to have 100 employees including attorneys.


He has published about 100 articles and most of them are on commercial law and intellectual property law. Anyone can reach those at,,, and

Expert Witness Reports

In Turkish judiciary, it is common that courts ask for expertise on some complicated cases that need to have legal technique profession. In this regard, he has been assigned to write Expert Witness Reports on hundreds of cases and he presented them to the courts. Judges used these reports on their opinions as references.

Expert witness reports are crucial in Turkish legal system due to the civil procedure law and the case law requirement in complicated cases that technical profession is needed. Trademark law and commercial law cases are considered to be one of the most complicated ones in the Turkish legal system. He has written many expert witness reports for the famous US and other international brands such as; Nike, Adidas, US Polo, Zara etc.

The Importance of His Profession in The Area

His profession on commercial law basically focused on two different areas. First one is the intellectual property law and trademark law related to that. The other one is commercial law.

Intellectual property law, unlike other areas in law, is in the international law institutional. That was established by the Paris Convention in 1883. Thereafter, some other international conventions came into force. Especially, the 1994 Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization and its Annex 1C, Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights holds a big place of importance, because states may not avoid ignoring these agreements. Therefore, most states have been incorporating these agreements into their domestic laws.

His other profession is on commercial law. He had worked at the committee to draft the commercial law of 2012 as a member of ten professors. This drafting work took almost 5 years to present to the legislative branch. That gave him a great opportunity to research and analyze comparative legal systems in al around the World. Especially, this committee succeeded to impose different perspectives from European and U.S legal systems to the draft.

 Titles:Prof. Dr. (Marmara University, Law School
 Attorney at Law (Istanbul Bar Association)
 Chartered Accountant (Ankara Chartered Accountant Union)



LL.B.Law SchoolIstanbul University1985
LL.M.Private Law/Commercial LawIstanbul University1987
PhDPrivate Law/Commercial LawIstanbul University1990


Academic Titles:

 Assistant ProfessorCommercial LawSelcuk University (Konya)05.05.1991
Associate ProfessorCommercial LawSelcuk University (Konya)08.10.1996
ProfessorCommercial LawSelcuk University (Konya)11.03.2004


Published Books

Most of them are on commercial law and intellectual property law

  • Privileged Shares and Protections in Joint-Stock Companies, Istanbul 1991.
  • Commercial Law Practices (co-authors: Rıza Ayhan and İbrahim Arslan) 3rd Edition, Konya 2010. 
  • Liquidation in Joint-Stock Companies, Konya 1998.
  • New Trademark Law and Relevant Legislations, 2nd Edition, Konya 2000. 
  • Invalidation Proceedings in Trademark Law, Konya 2002.
  • Turkish Commercial Code and Relevant Legislations (co-authors: İbrahim Arslan and Mücahit Ünal), 4th Edition, Konya 2011. 
  • The Knowledge of Basic Law (co-authors: Ayan, Mehmet; Arslan, İbrahim; Atar, Yavuz; Sümer, Haluk Hamdi and Ulukapı, Ömer), 6th Edition, Konya 2015.
  • General Principles of Intellectual Property Law (co-authors: Att.Dr.Cahit Suluk, Asst.Prof.Dr.Tahir Saraç and Att.Dr.Temel Nal), 4th Edition, Istanbul 2015.
  • Law of Commercial Enterprise, 27th Edition, Konya 2015.
  • Corporate Law, Konya 2012 (Editor: Prof.Dr.Sami Karahan)
  • Commercial Law I, Anadolu University Publications, Eskişehir 2015 (Editor: Prof.Dr.Sami Karahan/Doç.Dr.Ayşe Tülin Yürük- Also the Author of the First Five Chapters).
  • Commercial Law II, Anadolu University Publications, Eskişehir 2013 (Editor: Prof.Dr.Sami Karahan/Asst.Prof.Dr.Hülya Göktepe).
  • Law of Commercial Papers (co-authors: Bozgeyik, Hayri; Arı, Zekeriyya; Ünal, Mücahit), 2nd Edition, Konya 2014.
  • Commercial Law - Practical Works, İstanbul 2015 (Editor: Prof.Dr. Sami Karahan)
  • Trademark Law Legislations - with Court Practices and Notes, Istanbul 2016.

Administrational Functions

  • 1- Head of Civil Law Department (2004-2008)
  • Member of Faculty Administration Board (2004-2008)
  • Member of University Senate (2004-2008; 2009- …)
  • Vice-Dean (2006)
  • Vice-Chancellor (2009-2010)
  • Head of Commercial Law Department (2011-….)

Other Academic Activities

  • Ministry of Justice, Member of Commission of Turkish Commercial Law Draft (1999-2005)
  • Consultant of Konya Chamber of Commerce (1996-2009)
  • Arbitrator of Turkish Capital Markets Association (2005- ..)
  • Referee of Intellectual Property and Competition Law Journal (Ankara Bar Association) (2004- ..)
  • Referee of Intellectual Property Law Journal (2006-…),
  • Referee of Selçuk University Law Faculty Journal (2003-…),
  • Referee of Istanbul Ticaret University Social Sciences Journal 2009-..)
  • Member of Intellectual Property Commission of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (2009-….)
  • Member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Board (2010- ….)

Languages: German and Turkish

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